Taylor Swift Likes Pointed Messages About Scooter Braun & Justin Bieber -- Including One About Selena Gomez

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Taylor Swift said everything she had to say with her scathing message about Scooter Braun on Sunday, but she's continuing to share her thoughts by liking fans' posts on Tumblr. 

Swift claimed on Sunday that Braun had been bullying her for years, and continued to do so through the acquisition of her former record label, Big Machine, which gave him ownership of her master recordings. ET has reached out to Braun for comment.

Celebs quickly took sides, with Justin Bieber, whom Braun manages, speaking up on Instagram in defense of him. Bieber apologized for his previous Instagram post alluding to Kanye West's 2016 feud with Swift (showing the artists and Braun video chatting, with the caption "What up Taylor Swift"). The "Baby" singer then called out Swift for "crossing a line" by taking her issue public, explaining that he thought they should "communicate our differences" privately. 

"'We haven't gotten to communicate our differences.' You cheated on her best friend and then publicly sided with the man who made revenge porn against her was she supposed to invite you over for tea??? F--k outta here," one Tumblr user posted in response to Bieber's message, referring to Kanye West's "Famous" video. 

Swift liked the post -- which some fans took as confirmation that Bieber allegedly cheated on Swift's best friend, Selena Gomez, during their relationship. 


The 29-year-old singer also liked a post that complimented her on calling West's "Famous" video "revenge porn." 


Among Swift's other likes were posts calling out Braun's wife, Yael, for entering the conversation, and remarks about how male celebrities have yet to defend Swift. She also liked a post that slams a screenshot on Braun's Instagram Story following his reported $300 million business deal to buy Big Machine. A friend of his congratulated him on "buying Taylor Swift."


See more on Swift and Braun's drama in the video below. 


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