Taylor Swift Releases 'Lover' Music Video -- Watch

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After fans dissected the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Lover," the official music video is here!

On Thursday, the 29-year-old singer did a YouTube Live to share updates on her forthcoming album, Lover, as well as release the title track's visual. 

"The album Lover is something that I'm proud of because it really feels like such a special album," Swift -- who looked stunning in a yellow silk blazer and matching shorts with bejeweled details and hot pink top -- told her fans before reading snippets from her diaries, answering fan questions and dropping the music video. 

"This entire video concept came from a lyric that I wrote on the 1989 album in a song called 'You Are in Love,'" she explained. "This is a song that I wrote about two of my best friends who are in love and I saw their relationship and thought, 'Wow, that's beautiful. What you guys have is beautiful.' And there is a line I was proud of that says, 'And so it goes you two are dancing in a snow globe round and round.' That line inspired the entire music video."

Co-directed by Swift and Drew Kirsch, "Lover" co-stars Christian Owens, who is her first onscreen love interest since "Wildest Dreams."

The slower and somewhat more contemplative track than the poppier "ME!" and "You Need to Calm Down," was released last week, and had fans reading into every single lyric. The song tells a story of a relationship's trials, tribulations and the eventual perseverance of love. Swift also makes multiple allusions to her "lover" in the song, and the time frame presented in the lyrics strongly suggests the lines are in reference to her real-life boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

"We can let our friends crash in the living room/ This is our place, we make the call/ And I'm highly suspicious/ That everyone who sees you wants you," she sings. "I've loved you three summers now, honey, and I want them all."

Lover, which might be Swift's most important album yet, has been garnering buzz since she announced it. It's also Swift's first LP to have political undertones

The singer had previously stayed quiet when it came to discussing politics in public. Her focus on activism started with the midterm elections last year, when she shared a post supporting the Democratic candidates in Tennessee.

"I definitely think there are political undertones in the new music I made," she said in an interview with German outlet RTL, according to translations in multiple outlets. "I’m not planning to stop encouraging young people to vote and to try to get them to talk about what’s going on in our country. I think that’s one of the most important things I could do."

For more on "Lover," watch below.


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