Taylor Swift Shares First Snippet of 'Love Story' Re-Recording

Taylor Swift
ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM

The singer shared the music at the request of pal Ryan Reynolds.

Taylor, just say, yes! Taylor Swift has released the first snippet of her re-recorded past catalogue thanks to the request of her pal, Ryan Reynolds. The 30-year-old GRAMMY winner shared a snippet of her 2008 hit, "Love Story," on Wednesday. 

"OK, so while my new re-records are NOT done, my friend @vancityreynolds asked me if he could use a snippet of one for a LOLsome commercial he wrote so..." Swift wrote on her Instagram Story. "Here's a sneak peek of 'Love Story'! Working hard to get the music to you soon!!"

An excerpt of the song is featured in a Match.com commercial written by Reynolds, which features Satan and a woman who calls herself "2020" embarking on an epic love story. 

Swift is currently re-recording her first six albums, after a battle with Scooter Braun over the rights to her masters. 

"I've been having a really great time rerecording my older music. So far, of the ones I've recorded, I think it's been the most fun doing 'Love Story,'" Swift admitted last month on Good Morning America. "The older music, my voice was so teenaged. Sometimes, when I hear my older music and my older young teenage voice, it makes me feel like I'm a different singer now."