Taylor Swift Shares the Moment She Met Her New Cat on 'ME!' Music Video Set

Taylor Swift

Benjamin Button joined Meredith and Olivia in Swift's cat family.

Taylor Swift is sharing the adorable moment she met her new kitten!

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old pop star dropped a behind-the-scenes video from the making of "ME!", where she meets a tiny kitten named Benjamin Button. As fans of the pastel-hued video know, Swift ended up taking the kitten home to join her two other cats, Meredith and Olivia.

When someone brings the kitten out to appear in a scene with Swift and Brendon Urie -- who's featured on the song -- Swift is immediately taken with the small feline, holding him up on her chest as he purrs away.

"Hi, honey. You're beautiful. He's purring!" she exclaims, before asking, "Can I have him?"

"He is available," the cat's handler answers, followed by a shocked and excited gasp from Swift.

The "Blank Space" singer continues to cuddle with the kitten around set, showing him off to both her mom and dad, who were there to watch the making of the video.

"I'm obsessed with this animal. I just gotta get on the phone," Swift tells her dad of figuring out how to take home the cat. "I've never had a cat love people this much. Look how sweet he is!"

The video also shows Swift and Urie discussing the kitten, with Swift telling the Panic! at the Disco frontman, "I know kittens are cute, but that kitten was special... He's an amazing, amazing little animal."

Urie seems just as obsessed with Benjamin Button as Swift, telling her that he thinks it's "the sweetest thing" that she's taking the kitten home with her.

"Whenever I watch the video, I'll just be like, 'That's the first time I saw him,'" she sweetly says.

"That is actually really sweet. Recorded in history forever!" Urie exclaims. "Those little eyes. Those blue eyes. I think they might be the same color as yours. I think it might be your child."

"I must've forgotten giving birth to him," Swift quips.

The last part of the video shows Swift rubbing the "very playful" kitten's belly as she tells him all about his new sisters.

"Oh my god. I love this little cat. And so now Meredith and Olivia are having a brother. That's what's happening," she says. "... So you're gonna have two sisters. They're going to be really, really nice to you. Maybe not at first, but that'll just be because they're jealous."

Prior to the video's release, Swift even teased that a third cat would be joining her family through her surprise mural in Nashville.

After dropping the "ME!" music video -- where Swift accepts Benjamin Button from Urie in the place of an engagement ring -- Swift took to Instagram to introduce her new feline to the world.

"And then there were three..." she captioned an adorable selfie of the pair.

In a second post with two photos of the kitty, Swift revealed his name to the world, writing, "This is Benjamin Button. He's a good boy."

The "Bad Blood" singer also shared a video of herself carrying the kitty, marveling, "I've never personally encountered a cat that preferred to be carried as if they're a human baby, but that's, you know, that's what's happening here. This is how he prefers to travel."

Watch the video below for more on "ME!"