'Tell Me Lies': Grace Van Patten and Jackson White on What Goes Into Filming Show's Sex Scenes (Exclusive)

Leading man Jackson White tells ET that viewers should prepare themselves for a 'sexual ride.'

Hulu's new series, Tell Me Lies, based on the novel by Carola Lovering, just premiered on Sept. 7 and already has people talking. 

The show follows Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) as she heads off to college and develops an obsession with a manipulative upperclassman named Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White).

Like the book, the series includes lots of intense sex scenes, and Patten and White both spoke to ET about how they tackled these moments. 

In addition to working with an intimacy coordinator, the co-stars said they used a ball and other items to make the scenes look as realistic as possible. 

"You put a little rubber ball between your hips and then it looks like there’s thrusting but there’s actually a rubber ball in between you," White, 26, explained to ET's Lauren Zima. "Sometimes you use that, sometimes you don’t. ...There's all kinds of junk."

Van Patten, 25, praised their intimacy coordinator on the show, insisting, "You really need to feel safe and comfortable and that there’s not going to be any surprises. That person really protected us from all those things."

As for how they balanced their off-screen interaction with their on-screen characters, White admitted they "didn’t speak at all unless we were working."

White's advice for watching the "juicy" show, "Buckle up baby, yeah. Buckle up and have something sexy in your cup holder and just get ready for a sexual ride. It’s really good, it's juicy TV."

Tell Me Lies, produced by Emma Roberts, is streaming on Hulu with new episodes premiering every Wednesday.