'Texicanas' Brings Latin Flavor to 'Housewives'-Style Drama -- Watch the Trailer!

The stars of Bravo's new docuseries, 'Texicanas.'

Meet your new amigas.

Bravo is bringing more Latinx representation to the small screen with its latest docuseries, Texicanas. The series follows the fabulous lives of six Mexican girlfriends living and loving in San Antonio, Texas -- hence the name, a combination of Texan and Mexican, just in Spanglish. In a twist on Bravo’s typical format, Texicanas is all told from Penny Ayarzagoitia’s point of view. Penny is the series’ narrator, essentially, spreading the chisme (translation: gossip) on what went down in her group of friends… before they became foes!

Penny’s gal pals include "perfectionist" Mayta Farret, social butterfly Lorena Martinez, "daddy’s girl" Anayancy Nolasco, "diva" Karla Ramirez and the rebellious Luz Ortiz. All together, the group promises to buck stereotypes and shine new light on what it means to be Mexican in America today. Viewers will get to watch the ladies party together, cry together and navigate balancing their familial heritage with their American lifestyles each week.

Check out the dramatic first look here:

Texicanas premieres Tuesday, May 7, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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