'Mexican Dynasties' Cast Is 'Proud' to Show a New Side of Mexico: Why You Should Watch (Exclusive)

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Bravo is taking the drama to Mexico with its all-new series, Mexican Dynasties, and the cast couldn't be more excited -- or proud. 

The new show, premiering on Tuesday, follows the lives of three well-to-do families in Mexico City: the Allendes, centering on 80s heartthrob Fernando Allende, his manager wife of 30 years, Mari, and their up-and-coming musician sons; the Bessudos, focusing on famed fashion critic Raquel Bessudo, whose daughter, Doris, returns to Mexico from Beverly Hills to help her mom cope with life as a widow; and the Madrazos, featuring siblings Oscar and Paulina, who host a popular TV show and do pretty much everything together -- until their dating lives force a little independence. 

At a time when Mexico and its people have been thrust into American news and politics like never before, the Mexican Dynasties cast is ready to show a "beautiful reality" of the place they call home. Here's why you should tune in: 

It Gets Real


(l-r) Paulina Madrazo, Oscar Madrazo

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

"Nowadays, Mexico really is in the spotlight in the whole world, and we really wanted to showcase our country and our culture in a very different way," Paulina told ET's Brice Sander at the show's joint premiere party with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earlier this month. "[We want to show] the way that we live it throughout our lives, our eyes, our hearts, and I think that that's why, I mean, we're here, and we're here for good!"

"It's great to share your experiences," added Oscar of why he signed on to the show. "When you are very proud about your life, your ideas, your country and you want to show it off and give your opinion of what's Mexico. You go like, 'Why not?'"

For Fernando, whose co-stars call him a "Mexican David Cassidy," the Bravo series is a chance for him to get more personal with his fans -- and his family. "In my case, I always wanted to have a show with all my kids, and my family, and my grandsons, and even the dog. I always thought that it was a dream, but now it's a reality," he said. 

Filming Mexican Dynasties also gave Raquel something else to focus on after the death of her husband. "The thing is, I just passed a terrible moment in my life, which was the passing of my husband," she noted. "But then this started, and I had to just enjoy [it]."   

You'll See Mexico City in a New Light


(l-r) Adan Allende, Mari Allende, Fernando Allende, Elan Allende, Jenny Allende

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Fernando's son, Adan, said his love for Mexico City was the No. 1 reason he decided to do the show. "I wanted to shed a new light on Mexico City in the mainstream media," he shared, later adding, "It's a beauty being able to be vulnerable and really open yourself up to the world. 

"I really wanted to share with the world my experience as a Puerto Rican living in Mexico City," added his mom, Mari. "I fell in love with [the city] first day, the minute I arrived there, with the people, the culture, the food, everything. It's just too good to be true."

"I truly believe it was about time to show this side of Mexico that is also a reality and it's seen very little, but it's a beautiful reality," Fernando chimed in. "I mean, great restaurants, wonderful museums, great ballets, great concerts... and I'm not trying to say that everybody lives the same way, or enjoys the same way, but we felt that it was important to show to the world that there's a different side of Mexico that has been seen so little."

Oscar agreed, telling ET that he hopes the show inspires viewers to pay a visit. "Sometimes they don't see it with the real eyes of love that we see it, so we just want to showcase Mexico and to say like, 'This is Mexico, get another view. This is our opinion of our country and just come, come, come, come, come!'"

And Learn About Its People


(l-r) Doris Bessudo, Raquel Bessudo

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The show centers on three specific families, who don't claim to represent Mexico as a whole. They do, however, hope Mexican Dynasties inspires fans to learn more about the many people living in Mexico. "We're not trying to show all of Mexico. It's just where we are and what we're doing," Elan Allende expressed. 

"It's important for people to know that Mexico is very diverse in itself," explained Paulina. You know, it's not that only Mexicans are this way or only Mexicans do this things... We are very diverse, very fun, very loud country and culture and this is just a little taste."

"It's our own experience about our own family," said Oscar, as Doris joked she and her castmates take a backseat to the country's big personality. 

"Mexico is the star, we're just kind of like supporting actresses," she cracked. 

The Drama Doesn't Disappoint

It wouldn't be a Bravo series without some drama, and between sibling rivalries, new romance and business decisions turning personal, there's a lot for audiences to take in. 

"There's something happening there with my brother-in-law, and there's some drama with the music," Elan's wife, Jenny, teased. " But you'll have to tune in and watch it!"

"[I hope people see] how fun we are, how united as families we are, how everybody takes care of everybody in Mexico," Doris shared.  

"And we are three families, different in a way, but every close in a way too," Raquel added. 

Mexican Dynasties premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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