The 7 Best Tweets Reacting to ET's Lady Gaga Golden Globes Interview

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Was Lady Gaga caught in the act?

Fans are going absolutely bananas over ET's chat with the “Shallow” songstress at the 2019 Golden Globes, where Nancy O’Dell presented the multiplatinum artist with an image showcasing Judy Garland wearing a markedly similar gown in the 1954 version of A Star Is Born

“You know what, I don’t… we didn’t say that…no but it looks an awful lot like that, doesn’t it?” the 32-year-old artist responded, seemingly baffled while gazing at the image. OK, the dresses aren’t identical but the parallels are hard to ignore. Gaga’s gown was a shimmering blue Valentino Haute Couture gown, whereas Garland’s was a darker shade and featured a still darker shawl.

Whether or not the hitmaker was indeed aware that her dress at the awards show mirrored Garland’s, her reaction has become a wonderfully shareable meme providing a stand-in for any number of situations where hemming and hawing are the best we can do.

“Me after accidentally sending a text ABOUT someone TO that person and getting confronted,” one user captioned Gaga’s not-totally-convincing response.

Another fan used the clip to illustrate one of those uncomfortable job interview moments that only social media can provide.

“Job interviewer: it looks like you tweeted here ‘I would let jake gyllenhaal suffocate me with his thighs’? what’s that about[?]”

Still another fan used the awkward moment to showcase how they imagine explaining their tweets will possibly someday be after biting the dust.

"When I die and have to explain my tweets to God," the cleverly posted. 

And someone used the meme to illustrate the struggle to explain when parents discover a chat on your phone which probably should’ve been deleted a while ago.

“When my dad raids my phone [and] I forget to delete a convo,” she wrote.

One user decided to employ the viral moment to poke fun at those times when we're caught turning in shoddy, incomplete work, writing, "Friend: *shows me my essays with my terribly poor grammar and ridiculous answers* DID YOU WRITE THIS???"

And one fan made use of the meme in order to critique President Donald Trump's campaign promise that Mexico would be paying for his wall on the southern border. Of course, Gaga's reaction here is used to embody his supposed latest stance in which American taxpayers are being asked to cover the expense.

However, our favorite has to be the clever user who used the exchange to get real about getting caught seeing an ex after swearing off them. In that moment, we're all Gaga!

Admittedly, it’s possible Gaga truly had no idea that her gown bore so many similarities with Garland’s, but her reaction will forever live on as one of the guiltiest responses to go down on a red carpet.

Get more details on Gaga's reaction and dress in the clip below.


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