'The Bachelor': A Woman DROPS From the Rose Ceremony After a Fight Between Two Other Contestants

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It's week 2 on The Bachelor, and apparently the time was right for the women to start "spiraling out of control." That's what ABC promised was in store for viewers on Monday's episode, and they delivered.

This week's episode saw Matt James connect with one of the frontrunners from his premiere, Bri, on a romantic one-on-one date, before embarking on the largest group date in Bachelor history, with 18 women. If that's not enough to kick off some serious jealously, ET's exclusive sneak peek at the date showed the ladies physically fighting in a game of "Capture the Heart" to get more time with Matt. 

The 29-year-old Bachelor then had another one-on-one, with Sarah, before the week wrapped up with a next-level fight between Victoria and Marylynn, and a woman DROPPING from the rose ceremony with a cliffhanger ending. (Seriously, she was on the verge of fainting and ended the episode warning she couldn't see.) 

If this week's drama wasn't enough, as Chris Harrison told ET last month, more women are on the way. 

"It shakes things up a lot," Matt teased of how the new additions (including Heather Martin) impact the season. 

ET was live blogging Monday's episode. Scroll down for a live play-by-play of everything that went down. 

Fake B**ches

6:59 PM:

Next week, it seems Matt kept at least Victoria around because the drama hasn't stopped. 

"All the fake b**ches can go home, go home, go home!" Victoria yells in the promo.

To Be Continued...

6:58 PM:

Matt rushes over to check on Sarah, who says she's seeing stars. 

The medic is called over. "I'm blacking out. I can't see," Sarah whispers. 

To be continued... 

Close to the Chest

6:54 PM:

Matt references the fight between Victoria and Marylynn in his address to the women, but you best believe he's keeping his decision close to the chest (the vest? which is it?) -- at least until it's time to hand out the roses. 

He starts with Pieper and Kit, then Magi and Rachael. Abigail gets a rose and so does Chelsea. Then Jessenia, Katie and Serena C. 

We get a voice over from Sarah talking about how grateful she is for a rose but how overwhelmed she is... then she DROPS. 

Like, girl DROPS. She steps down from the riser and Bri whisks her off. 

Because I Hate Her

6:52 PM:

It's rose ceremony time, and we've never seen a bigger group of pretty, angry women. They are piiiiiissed about not getting more time with Matt because of the Victoria-Marylynn drama, but it's too late. 

Matt tells Chris he's just going to "follow my gut" as he heads in to start handing out the roses. 

Victoria is not too worried. "Marylynn definitely needs to go home tonight, because I hate her," she tells the camera. OK. 


6:48 PM:

The women are feeling salty, Chris calls for the rose ceremony and Marylynn is crying. 

So much to look forward to after commercial break!

So Much And Nothing At All

6:45 PM:

Marylynn approaches Victoria, asking to talk it out. Victoria refuses to go outside with her because "it's freezing." 

She also refuses to sit on the same side of the couch with her and this is ESCALATING QUICKLY. 

Marylynn apologizes and Victoria isn't having it. 

"Matt mentioned you think I'm toxic and manipulative," Marylynn says. 

"I do think you are those things," Victoria snaps back. She says she doesn't care to fix things with her, and walks away. 

Victoria tells the camera that Marylynn has bullied her. "She's straight-up crazy," she sighs to the camera. 

Marylynn cries to Abigail, and they hug. The other women worry about getting time with Matt now that he's involved in this other drama. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING AND YET NOTHING IS HAPPENING. 

She Said-She Said

6:41 PM:

Matt goes off with Marylynn and Victoria tells the women she's "not quality." 

They're confused, because they haven't seen that side of her. 

"I just had a conversation with Victoria, and she mentioned some hurtful things that you had said to her. I was just confused," Matt tells Marylynn. 

"I mean, I'm not usually one to involve myself in drama, but I'm here to be with you. At this point, I feel like I need to defend myself," Marylynn says. She tells Matt she's not here to "spite anyone," but Victoria keeps trying to smear her to the other women. 

"She's jeopardizing my time with you, and that's not OK with me," Marylynn says. "I'm telling you the honest truth, Matt." 

Matt says he has a lot to think about, and storms off. "Who do I believe?" he asks the camera. 

Toxicity and TRAPS!

6:37 PM:

The flower seems to have pissed off Queen Victoria, who declares Marylynn is "toxic" and rushes over to tell Matt about it. 

"I do have things I want to tell you," she begins. "Marylynn was my roommate... she just like, cries to manipulate situations and she's straight up toxic. I had to sleep on the couch temporarily... it was crazy." 

Matt seems overwhelmed. "I had no idea that was going on," he says. He asks if they've talked it out, and Victoria says she's avoided her because she's so toxic. 

"I'm glad you shared that with me," Matt says. UGH, DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! "I'm going to get to the bottom of this." 

"It seems like Marylynn has been bullying Victoria... that's whack," he tells the camera. "Why would she make this up?" 

An Orchid

6:34 PM:

Matt chats with Marylynn, and assures her that just because she wasn't on a date, it doesn't mean he wasn't thinking about her. 

In fact, he remembers her favorite flower is an orchid, and then pulls one out from behind the couch. Which producer helped with this? This is too much. We can barely remember these women's names! 

Marylynn of course freaks out and gushes about the gesture to the other women. 

Abigail + Everyone Else

6:33 PM:

Abigail tells Matt it's hard in a group setting, but she's got a remedy. She suggests they give each other a signal -- touching their ear -- to let each other know they're thinking about each other. 

It's cute and we love it. 

Matt then sits down with Rachael, who is rocking a sassy pony. He's vibing with her, with Chelsea and with Bri. Also with Kit. Wow, there are a lot of women. 


6:29 PM:

It's cocktail party time! 

The ladies look stunning, Matt arrives in a red Porsche and drama is BREWING. 

Katie is looking very fresh, Abigail is rocking some sleek locks and Matt toasts to the night. 

"Going into tonight, I'm feeling really nervous... because I didn't get to talk to him much this week," Abigail admits. 


6:25 PM:

Matt and Sarah end the night with some time in the pool, and it's romantic and lovely and so it's time for commercial break! 

Matt Is Asking Serious Questions

6:23 PM:

Sarah explains that she felt a "calling" to be here with Matt, and he smiles over the compliment. 

"Knowing the sacrifice you've made to be here -- being strong for your family... are the qualities I want in a woman," he says. 

Matt asks Sarah what he can show her to be someone she wants to be with. WOW, what a question. Has any lead ever asked that before? 

"Just being as real as possible," she answers. "Life is going to throw you curve balls... but I think it says a lot that I'm able to talk about this with you." 

Matt picks up the rose and offers it to Sarah. She accepts, and they seal it with a kiss! 

The Bachelor gushes over Sarah to the camera. "What more could you ask for in someone you'd be looking to spend the rest of your life with?" he asks. 

Selfless Act

6:20 PM:

Sarah tells Matt that when she was in college, her father was diagnosed with ALS. "Mentally, you're completely the same person, but you slowly lose the ability to speak and to walk and to talk," she says. "There is no cure for it, and the life expectancy is two to five years." 

Sarah says her father has surpassed doctors' expectations, but it's been a journey. She quit her job as a broadcast journalist to be a caregiver for her dad. "As a little girl, he would do my hair before school... just reciprocating those things he did to me, it's brought our family so close," she reflects. 

Matt tells Sarah he can't imagine what she's gone through, but he'll be praying for her dad and her family. 

"Hearing Sarah's story, I get chills thinking about it. I can't think of a more selfless act," he tells the camera. "I don't even know what to say.. it's an honor [to have her here]." 

Take 2

6:17 PM:

Matt and Sarah sit down for dinner, and she gushes about how he has the qualities she's looking for. But in the back of her mind, she's nervous. 

"It's not easy opening up about something so personal to me," she admits. 

Matt tells Sarah he was hoping to get into a deeper conversation. "I know it's super hard to be away from home," he says. 

Sarah finally opens up. "I am such a private person... it's so hard for me to open up. I want to share this with you," she begins. 

Matt assures her it's OK, and she finds the courage. 

Sarah Doesn't Open Up

6:14 PM:

Sarah's skin looks GREAT as she opens up to Matt about how close she is with his family. Matt relates, noting his mom is his emergency contact. 

"You want to be able to rely on someone and have a best friend," Sarah says.

Matt asks Sarah about her dad, and she says he's sincere and loving, and then doesn't say anything else. 

"I had a great time with Sarah today, but I could tell Sarah was struggling with something. She's slow getting started, but I need her to be open and vulnerable, because I've already had other women being authentic and real, and that's what I'm looking for," Matt tells the camera. 

Personal Things

6:11 PM:

All we hear from Sarah is "oh my god" as she freaks out over the tiny plan. Her hair is all over the place, and she and Matt make some sort of death pact ("If we go down, we go down together," she says). That's commitment on a first date! 

They finally land, and Sarah's worried about opening up to Matt about "personal things." She doesn't want to scare him away. 

The First Plane Ever Invented

6:10 PM:

Matt says he feels "rejuvenated" ahead of his date with Sarah. 

"Night one... she looked gorgeous," Matt says. "But there's a lot of things I wanted to say to Sarah I didn't get a chance to." 

Matt points to a tiny little itty bitty baby plane that he and Sarah will be riding in today. "This looks like the first plane ever invented," she says. 

She's nervous but looking forward to uninterrupted time with Matt. 

Nothing like a plane ride to get the conversation going!

Similar Values

6:03 PM:

Matt tells Lauren they share a lot of "similar values," and hands her the rose. 

"I got the group date rose!" she celebrates. "This is the happiest I've been since I've been here because I put myself out there." 

Matt leaves the ladies, and Victoria gets insecure about not getting the rose. "Maybe sharing the rose wasn't enough to make me stand out," she wonders. 

Up ahead -- planes! Fights! 

Victoria Does Not Get the Rose

6:02 PM:

Victoria sits down with Matt and tells him she's not always as confident as she appears. She has insecurities, like whether she "looked fat" in the wedding dress she picked out. 

Matt assures her that she looked great, and says he loves hearing from her. "Can I take you back upstairs?"

"Can I have a kiss before we go?" Victoria asks, and they kiss. 

"I haven't been deep with a guy in a while," she gushes to the camera. "He definitely values me and wants me here."

But then Matt takes Lauren away... with the rose. 

Another One-on-One

6:01 PM:

The next date card arrives, and it's for Sarah... and no one else. 

There are still five or six women who didn't get a date this week, but Sarah is SO HAPPY. 

"A one-on-one is like, gold," she tells the camera. "That's where a connection really forms." 


5:58 PM:

Jessenia looks STUNNING (but so does everyone else) and she reveals during her chat with Matt that she's dealt with a lot of infidelity. 

"To put my heart on the line is really overwhelming," she admits. She tears up talking about how her parents have been there for each other, and that's what she wants -- unity. 

Matt assures Jessenia he would never put her through infidelity, and then offers to make her more comfortable with a kiss. 

Man of Faith

5:56 PM:

Matt and the women arrive at their locale for the night part of the date, with the rose in full view. 

"It's a reminder to me that every single moment you have with Matt is critical," Mari says. 

Matt toasts to a good night before heading off to talk with Lauren, who tells him she wants a man of faith. 

Matt reveals that he doesn't lead with his Christian faith in relationships, because it can "turn people off," but it's important to him and he loves it's important to her. 

More Crying

5:50 PM:

For her noble efforts on the losing team, Mari gets the "Most Valuable Bride" award and gets to join the winning team's after-party. 

Rachael, who was on the losing team, cries over not getting more time with Matt as the winners celebrate with a champagne shower. 

"I'm just drained. There's frosting on my boobs and this dress, and I'm tired," Katie tells the camera. She's sulking. 

"Today was a very exhausting day from start to finish," she tells the other women at the hotel. 

She cries over missing out. "You can't fall in love if you don't even have time with the guy," she notes. 

Rough Game

5:46 PM:

The red team has Victoria, who declares her team is full of queens, while the other is full of jesters (which we think she pronounced as "gestures"). 

Things get started, and they're already getting intense. Kit takes a nasty fall, the teams forget their plans, Khaylah gets a good run in before tripping over herself, and the women are "blasting each other," according to Matt. 

The photographer, Franco, runs into the middle of it all to take pics, while the referee, Paulie, just sort of observes.

Chris gives us a throwback to Ali's Bachelorette season with a "guard and protect your heart" and MJ grabs the heart. 

Red team wins!

Capture the Heart

5:44 PM:

The women look FREEZING as they meet the guys in the woods. Everything is in the woods on this show but at least it's not the desert! 

Chris explains the women will be playing "Capture the Heart," a version of Capture the Flag, and things are about to get messy. They'll tag each other with accessories dipped in paint, and MJ is excited to release some "tension in the house." 

"I couldn't have drawn up a better date," Matt raves, before Chris reveals the losing team will be forced to return home, skipping the night part of the date. 


5:40 PM:

Chris Harrison pops in to tell the ladies Matt wants a woman who will "truly fight for him... fight for anyone and anything for his love." 

He runs off with Matt and the photographer and says he'll see the ladies later. 

"I'm assuming things are going to be physical... the claws are about to come out," Serena C. tells the camera, with tears in her eyes. 

Now We Have It On Camera

5:37 PM:

The women all look great because they always look great, and now it's awkward because each woman is kissing Matt "for the camera" in front of the rest of the group. 

They all talk about how much they see Matt as their husband and then Victoria interrupts Mari. "Las... royal wedding," Victoria says, forcing herself into the next spot. 

She has Matt remove a garter and then goes in for the kiss. "Now we have it on camera!" she gushes. "I'm married!" 

10 Min

5:36 PM:

Matt calls this photographer "Bachelor Nation's beloved photographer" even though this is literally the second time we've seen him ever. OK, whatever. 

No time to think about it, because the ladies have 10 minutes to pick out a wedding dress to be photographed in with Matt. 

They run around looking for the right outfit and try to stay clear of Victoria. 

"They'll remember who's queen in no time," Victoria declares. 

Oh, This Man Is Back

5:32 PM:

The next day, it's time for Matt's giant-a** group date. He's nervous, because he's never been on a group date. 

"Coming from divorce, a broken family, I don't know what it's like to have a healthy marriage. Today, I'd like to see what that looks like," he shares. 

The women arrive to see Matt posing for that photographer from Tayshia Adams' wedding photo date with Zac Clark on The Bachelorette. 

Who is he and why does he keep showing up? No clue. 

Psychologically Disturbed

5:27 PM:

The night ends with fireworks, which the women can see from their place. 

"So, they're probably making out," one woman says ... and we get a shot of Bri and Matt MAKING OUT. 

But it doesn't end there. Victoria picks a fight with the women, calling them "crazy." 

"I think I'm authentic and real, so for you guys--" Victoria says, before setting her sights on Marylynn. She says Marylynn was rude to her, and we feel this turning into a bigger fight. 

Uh oh, they are ROOMING TOGETHER. This will be a MUCH bigger fight. 

"Marylynn, she's psychologically disturbed, literally," Victoria complains to the camera, taking her things to the couch so she doesn't have to sleep in the same room as Marylynn. 

A Rose for Bri!

5:26 PM:

Back on his date, Matt thanks Bri for opening up, and explains how he's had trouble opening up in the past. 

"I'm trying to do things differently," he tells her, before giving her the rose. "The way you opened up tonight and how adventurous you were on the date, that's attractive to me... Bri, will you accept this rose?" 

"Tonight really showed me it's possible to have a much deeper connection with someone based on your experiences," Bri gushes to the camera. 

The Largest Group Date in 'Bachelor' History

5:23 PM:

Matt gives and toast, but we can't have nice things for too long, so it's time for a Victoria update. 

She's in the house declaring how she doesn't want to be on a group date because she'd rather have a one-on-one. Hello, you don't get to pick, girl! 

Rachael is nervous about potentially being on a date with Victoria, but she's going to have to get over it, because they're both on the group date... with 16 other women. 

Yes, this will be the biggest group date in Bachelor history. How is this conducive to building a connection with Matt? No clue. Buckle up! 


5:22 PM:

Bri explains that her mom got pregnant with her when she was just 13 (!! wow !!), and her whole life revolved around raising Bri. 

Her mom never dated when Bri was young, but she's now pregnant and engaged to someone else. 

Bri has "somewhat" of a relationship with her father, who wasn't around much when she was a kid. 

Matt relates to this, and how his dad "just wasn't around" when he needed him the most as a kid. "I was constantly questioning myself -- what's wrong with me? What's wrong with my brother?" he tells Bri. 

They find commonalities in how they both gravitated towards friends with big families growing up. "That's what I want for myself in a relationship, is that one person that I can feel like this is my family," Bri says. 


5:20 PM:

It's time for the night part of the date, and we love Bri's cool girl outfit. Silky white dress + a moto jacket? Yes, A++. 

She's looking forward to talking about her upbringing with Matt, which means "opening up and sharing things I haven't shared with anyone before," she tells the camera. 

They sit down to fake eat, and Matt jokes about having to explain putting her in danger during their ATV date. 

Hit the Fan

5:15 PM:

Back at the house, Victoria vents to a producer about the other girls -- and they predict sh*t is going to hit the fan. 

We're ready! 

Chopping Wood

5:13 PM:

Because it's The Bachelor, Matt and Bri come upon a hot tub in the woods, and since it's heated by wood, Matt needs to chop wood. Are you following? 

He takes off his shirt, Bri counts his abs and then they hop in the hot tub and drink some champagne. 

Matt apologizes for putting her life in danger with that ATV accident, and says it was "100 percent worth it" because he got closer to Bri. Interesting logic, OK. 

She's feeling it, and they kiss. "I feel extremely lucky," a shirtless Matt tells the camera. "I'm hoping to find that [woman to complete my life], possibly with Bri." 

Bri's Mom

5:11 PM:

Matt and Bri go off on their ATVs in the woods and WOW is this an improvement over Palm Springs. 

Bri wants to make sure she makes her time with Matt count, she she hops on the back of his ATV and he takes her for a spin in the mud. A literal spin -- they are spinning AND THEY ARE FALLING. 

Matt, who ASKED BRI IF SHE TRUSTED HIM before he took her out, has catapulted her off a moving ATV. 

"Bri's mom, I vow to protect her better from now on," he tells the camera. 

That Was Quick

5:06 PM:

Matt whisks Bri away for some ATV-ing, and of course they're placed within view of the other women. They're jealous and Queen Victoria is already sh*t talking. 

"She's not very good at it," she hisses before asking the other women why they think Matt chose Bri. 

"I didn't talk to Bri, so I didn't have that friendship you all have... I wanted to be on that date, so I'm not happy about it," Victoria says. "I'm not jealous... I'm so sick of you guys. I want to hang out with Matt." 

Anna worries Victoria might be sending herself into a tailspin and Victoria LASHES OUT. Wow, that was quick. 


5:04 PM:

Then we see the women arrive to the "Matteau" where they'll be staying. Get it? Instead of cheateau, it's "Matteau!" Just roll with it. 

Chris wastes no time greeting the ladies and calling out Abigail for getting the first impression rose. Another woman reveals she also got the "first kiss," so news has apparently traveled. 

Anyway, Chris says that not everyone will be getting a date this week, so it's important to make the most of their time with Matt. 

And the first date goes to... Bri! 

The ladies scream and Bri confesses she wore her "worst outfit today." Time for a costume change. 

Peloton and Outdoor Showers

5:01 PM:

Now the episode actually starts, with Matt getting his run on and talking about how he may have just met his future wife. 

He loves Peloton and outdoor showers -- the second of which may have been forced upon him by Bachelor producers. 


5:00 PM:

Helloooo, week 2! This week's episode starts with another cold open, as Sarah drops to the floor during the rose ceremony. How did she get there? We'll have to wait to find out. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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