'The Bachelor': Why Cassie Took Colton Underwood Back After Leaving Him

...was it the fence jump?

If jumping over a fence into the unknown isn't a love declaration, we don't know what is. 

Fans saw Colton Underwood propel himself over a gate after Cassie broke up with him on last week's episode of The Bachelor. After leaving the show in favor of darkness and solitude, Colton came to his senses and into the light, realizing that "fighting" for Cassie, like he promised to do, wasn't going to happen all alone. 

What Colton needed was a way to get back in touch with the woman who stole his heart -- and a camera crew -- so off he went to win her back. After saying goodbye to Tayshia and Hannah G., Colton headed off to Cassie's hotel room. 

"I sacrificed and gave up everything," Colton told her. "I wanted to make sure that I ended things with Tayshia and Hannah." 

Cassie is understandably shocked. "What?" she asked.

"Two women who could've given me... everything that I want, but it wasn't who I wanted it to be with," Colton continued. "I'm not sitting here asking for marriage at the end of this. I'm sitting here asking for a second chance, to take it day by day and figure it out." 

"I'm so nervous right now," Cassie replied. "This is crazy. This is really crazy! I can't believe you did that...I know there were other girls here, and something just told me they were further along than I was...I didn't know if I would get there. I didn't know if I got there, if it would be real... I just want to be sure." 

"I don't want you to give up things," she continued. 

For Colton, however, Cassie is endgame -- no matter how long it takes her to fall in love with him. 

"In my opinion, that's part of a relationship. Compromise, sacrifice, that's all things that you do when you love somebody," Colton said. "I gave everything up... I did that so this morning, and in our conversation, I'm not telling you that I love you. I want to show you. I want you to see exactly why and how much I'm willing to give up and give to us." 

That seemed to do it, as Cassie leaned to give Colton a big kiss. "I just don't understand what's happening," she said. 

"I hopped an 8-foot fence and walked away," Colton revealed, making Cassie laugh. "I grabbed my wallet and I ran away." 

And though she agreed to take it "day by day," that means meeting the family, so off she and Colton went to Spain to meet his parents.

While speaking with ET at the "Women Tell All" taping on Feb. 22, Colton explained why he so badly wanted to "fight" for a woman who walked out on him. 

"I think making that statement is something I would make in any relationship that I'm in. You have to choose to love somebody, you have to choose to fight for anybody you're in a relationship with," he said. "I think that's what love is, and that's what being in a relationship is all about."

The 27-year-old former football player called Cassie's rejection on his fence-jump episode "hard to hear." 

"That was what the toughest part was, is I fall back into what I talk about with Becca [Kufrin], and being in a relationship in which the feelings aren't reciprocated at the same level," he shared. "Not being on the same page is something I was fearful [of], so that was very hard to hear. It was."


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