'The Bachelorette': Meet the 25 Men Vying for Jenn Tran's Heart

Jenn Tran is ready to look for love on season 21 of 'The Bachelorette' -- meet the men vying for her heart!

The Bachelorette is almost back and Jenn Tran is looking for love!

In June, ABC revealed the 25 new suitors who will be vying for Jenn's heart in the upcoming season, which premieres tonight, July 8.

ET's Denny Directo spoke with Jenn -- who fans first met on Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor -- just before she began her Bachelorette journey, and she opened up about what she's looking for in a man.

"I want someone to ground me," she shared. "I've always said, I'm a Sagittarius, I'm a fire sign, so I'm a little crazy... I bring that fiery energy and I want someone to, like, have a little bit of fiery energy, but also to ground me a little bit. Put me in a place."

And her number one deal-breaker? "Chewing with your mouth open."

As for how she'll approach her love story, Jenn told ET, "I'm really just gonna be my freaking self and that means all the good, the bad, and the chaotic, and the psychotic. That's really what you're gonna have to look forward to. You're not going to get polished Jenn, sad and perfect Jenn. You're going to get crazy Jenn."

Meet all of Jenn's suitors below!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Aerospace Engineer, 29

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Aaron, 29, is an aerospace engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Aaron is an aerospace engineer who is ready to love someone to the moon and back. If he looks familiar, it might be because his twin brother, Noah, famously found love on Bachelor in Paradise. Aaron and Noah are extremely close and even more competitive. They come from a big family of 11 kids. Aaron is a romantic who is excited about the opportunity to find true love with Jenn and can’t wait to meet our leading lady. When Aaron isn’t working hard building satellites to send into space, he loves spending time on the lake, playing volleyball, and perfecting his golf game. This engineer says he’s emotionally available and is ready to meet the girl of his dreams. We can’t wait to see if he and Jenn find a love that’s out of this world.

Fun Facts:
●Aaron’s most embarrassing haircut was rocking a middle part.
●Aaron is a force of nature on the pickleball court.
●Aaron is officially seven minutes older than Noah.

San Diego, California
Sales Executive, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Austin, 28, is a sales executive from San Diego, California. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Austin is a California boy who loves the beach, sushi, and the idea of finding someone to share them both with for the rest of his life. He just needs to find a woman who will appreciate and accept his mullet. The sales exec is looking for an honest, loving, fun woman with whom to start a family. While he’s passionate about his career in sales, Austin is constantly thinking ahead, saying, "Everything tha tI do is for my future. I can’t wait to give my future wife and kids the life they deserve." When Austin isn’t working, he loves playing baseball, attending Padres baseball games, and calling his mom. Austin is just as sweet as he is handsome, and we are excited to see if sparks fly when he meets our Bachelorette.

Fun Facts:
●Austin would love to be Justin Bieber... just for a day.
●Austin doesn’t go anywhere without his retainers.
●Austin is extremely terrified of snakes.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Real Estate Broker, 30

'The Bachelorette' season 21: Brendan, 30, is a real estate broker from Vancouver, British Columbia. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Brendan is an adventure-seeking Canadian who won’t apologize for fighting for love.The commercial real estate broker seems to have it all with a successful career, great friends and loving family, but one major piece is missing—his wife. Brendan has had multiple long-term relationships but has been unlucky in love. His last girlfriend left him for his best friend, and since then, he says dating apps just don’t work for him. Brendan much prefers life with a partner by his side. While he might be shy at first, he’s extremely kind, loyal and empathetic once you get to know him. He loves a spontaneous excursion and is hoping Jenn is ready to jump headfirst with him into the adventure of a lifetime

.Fun Facts:
●Brendan is obsessed with skydiving.
●Brendan always picks dare over truth.
●Brendan may or may not have successfully snuck into Coachella.

Manheim, Pennsylvania
Health & Safety Manager, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Brett, 28, is a health & safety manager from Manheim, Pennsylvania. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

This small-town boy has big dreams when it comes to finding love. Brett has great energy, strong confidence and a lot of personality to go around. Though Brett loves to be the life of the party and won’t turn down anyone who challenges him to a dance-off, underneath his outgoing exterior is an authentic man with a sensitive soul who’s ready to find "the one." Brett’s parents have been married for over 30 years, and he wants to find a love that can stand the test of time like theirs has. He isl ooking for a woman who he can connect with on a deep level emotionally and who also has a good sense of humor. Brett can’t wait to meet Jenn and see if she’s the woman he’s been looking for!

Fun Facts:
●Brett can do the splits and will do them on command.
●Brett has never left the United States but hopes to one day!
●As a kid, Brett accidentally shaved off his own eyebrows right before picture day.

Boynton Beach, Florida
Aesthetics Consultant, 33

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Brian, 33, is an aesthetics consultant from Boynton Beach, Florida. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Brian has both humor and heart. He packed up his big personality and Long Island accent, and moved to Florida to chase his dreams and enjoy the hot weather. He can’t wait to meet the Bachelorette and says, "I hope to meet the woman of my dreams, my partner in crime, my queen." He’s looking for a strong and confident woman with whom he can plant roots. When the aesthetics consultant isn't helping people feel like their most beautiful selves, he loves spending time with his family, specifically his nieces and nephews. His parents served in the NYPD and FDNY. Brian is pumped for the chance to fall in love again and can’t wait for his Bachelorette journey to begin.

Fun Facts:
●Brian loves Botox and doesn’t care who knows it!
●Brian is terrified of sharks but wants to go scuba diving with them.
●Brian is a big fan of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship:confirmed Swiftie.

Paradise Valley, Arizona
Sommelier, 27

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Dakota, 27, is a sommelier from Paradise Valley, Arizona. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Will you accept this rosé?! Dakota the certified sommelier is ready to sweep Jenn off her feet with his good looks, goofy personality and eternal optimism. Dakota has been a caretaker of others for a lot of his life and is hoping to start a relationship where they can be there for each other. He is wise beyond his years and is very proud of his career as a sommelier. Dakota promises he’s here for the right reasons saying, "I truly believe the Bachelorette came at a divine time with where I'm at in my life, and Jenn is the kind of woman I hope to meet." He hopes to take her to his hometown where he can show her around all the gorgeous vineyards and toast to their future together. Will Jenn be the perfect pairing this sommelier has been looking for?

Fun Facts:
●Dakota spontaneously drove to Mexico at 3 a.m. with just the clothes on his back.
●Dakota has dreams of becoming one of the very few elite master sommeliers.
●Has a tattoo on his rib that is a quote saying, "The biggest thing in today's sorrow is the memory of yesterday's joy."

Houston, Texas
Freight Company Owner, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Devin, 28, is a freight company owner from Houston, Texas. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Devin is the full package and is so ready to meet his match. This business owner is 100% husband material and dreams of surprising his partner with romantic gestures throughout their relationship. Devin is extremely hardworking, passionate about his career, and proud of the business he’s built. When he's not working, he loves running and spending time with his dog, Charlie—these two are a package deal. Devin is hoping his future wife is honest, kind, and embraces his big personality. He admits he's a bit loud and loves to talk. Devin is truly here to find his person and hopefully return home with Jenn by his side.

Fun Facts:
●Devin ran a 200-mile relay race with his buddies.
●Devin loves eating shrimp tacos despite being allergic to shrimp.
●Devin’s mom is his hero.

Elk Grove, California
Medical Student, 24

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Dylan, 24, is a medical student from Elk Grove, California. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Dylan might be young, but he knows exactly what he wants in life and is very serious about finding a wife with whom to settle down. His parents are still together and have provided him with the example of love he hopes to find in life. Dylan is looking for a partner with similar morals to his, who wants a family, and with whom he feels instant chemistry. The medical student is smart and empathetic, and plans on becoming a doctor one day. When he isn’t working toward his goals, Dylan loves listening to Drake and attending Sacramento Kings games. Despite not having luck in the love department yet, Dylan says he’s the kind of guy to bring home to parents. Will Jenn be bringing Dylan home to meet her family? Only time will tell!

Fun Facts:
●Dylan is a big fan of wine-and-painting date nights.
●Dylan hates avocados.
●Dylan has never stepped foot in a Trader Joe’s.

Houston, Texas
Day Trader, 30

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Grant, 30, is a day trader from Houston, Texas. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

It's easy to see what makes Grant such a catch. His smile lights up every room he walks into and is followed by his positive attitude. Grant is a mama’s boy who loves poetry and reading, and says he's here to find the love of his life. The former pro basketball player is passionate about his new career as a day trader and hopes to be able to provide for his future family. When Grant isn't hustling at his job, he loves watching the Lakers, going bowling, and singing his heart out at karaoke. After his last long-term relationship didn’t work out, Grant is excited for the chance to fall in love again and can't wait for his Bachelorette journey to begin.

Fun Facts:
●Grant plans to visit every country in his lifetime.
●Grant is an avid salsa dancer.
●Grant wishes he could live in the year 3000 to see what technology is like.

Schaumberg, Illinois
Medical Device Salesman, 29

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Hakeem, 29, is a medical device salesman from Schaumberg, Illinois. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Hakeem is an energetic guy with a big personality. He is ready to find someone to bring home to meet his big Jamaican family and introduce his favorite parts of his culture, like Jamaican food. Hakeem is funny, outgoing and honest, and loves planning cheesy romantic dates for his partner. He worked hard to get his master’s degree at Northwestern University, and when he's not hard at work, he loves listening to reggae music and rewatching The Lion King. While Hakeem has spent most of his life in Chicago, he hopes to move somewhere warm someday to settle down and start a family of his own.Could Jenn be the perfect match for him?

Fun Facts:
●Hakeem can fully clap with just one hand.
●Hakeem takes finding love so seriously that he spent over $5,000 on a dating coach.
●Hakeem has gone on a picnic date in a cemetery—but he promises not to ghost!

New York, New York
Startup Founder, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Jahaan, 28, is a start up founder from New York, New York. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jahaan is an extremely smart, successful guy who founded his own company and has prioritized his career throughout his 20s. Now that this Forbes 30 Under 30 bachelor has built his empire, he is truly ready to meet a woman with whom to share it all.The NYC local will do anything for the people he loves and finds great joy in making people feel cared for and understood. Jahaan is very close with his family and wants to start a family of his own someday with the woman of his dreams. He hopes his future wife is outgoing, ambitious and creative. Sounds like he's come to the right place!

Fun Facts:
●If you challenge Jahaan to a game of chess, you'll most likely lose.
●Jahaan is out of commission if he gets hangry.
●Learning to fly a plane is on Jahaan’s bucket list.

New York, New York
Real Estate Investor, 29

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Jeremy, 29, is a real estate investor from New York, New York. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jeremy is a spontaneous, loyal and generous guy who is here to find his forever love. He has had long-term relationships in the past but has been unlucky in love ever since. When Jeremy loves, he loves hard and enjoys coming up with creative ideas for special date nights. When he isn’t working as a real estate investor, he loves staying active, traveling the world, and spending time with his family. He is looking for a lasting relationship where he and his partner can have great communication and share a good sense of humor. Jeremy says his love language is physical touch, and he’s hoping his future wife is ready for all the cuddles and kisses.

Fun Facts:
●Jeremy wants to live abroad someday.
●Jeremy is happiest when he gets a full eight hours of sleep.
●Jeremy’s ideal meet-the-family date would be inviting a girl over for Passover seder.

Delray Beach, Florida
Medical Student, 25

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: John, 25, is a medical student from Delray Beach, Florida. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

John is a smart, athletic stud with a heart of gold. He is fulfilling his life dream of becoming a doctor and is excited to see if he and Jenn have chemistry. John is hoping his future wife is compassionate, honest and ambitious. He also hopes to have a big family someday, just like the family he grew up in. While the future doctor takes his work very seriously, he's always up for a good time, whether that's hosting a game night, going to the movies, or playing some basketball. John says he "lives a life of gratitude" and is truly thankful for this experience to get to meet Jenn. He's totally a relationship guy, so let's see if Jenn is the long-term love he’s been dreaming of!

Fun Facts:
●John is literally obsessed with all things Christmas.
●One time John stayed awake for 36-plus hours playing ping-pong.
●John is learning Spanish on Duo Lingo.

Los Angeles, California
Creative Director, 27

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Jonathon, 27, is a creative director from Los Angeles, California. - Disney/Richard Middleworth

Jonathon is really something special. With his gorgeous smile, his entrepreneurial spirit, and a loyal heart, he has it all. Jonathon is just missing his partner by his side and is ready to meet the woman of his dreams. He's a self-proclaimed romantic who says, "I treat every girl the same way I would want to see my mother and sister treated." Jonathon is well-traveled, spontaneous and excited about the possibility of traveling the world with Jenn. When the creative director isn’t working, he loves listening to Post Malone, checking out local escape rooms, and playing lacrosse with his friends. Jonathon is here to find his perfect match and hopefully return home with Jenn by his side.

Fun Facts:
●Jonathon calls himself a "medium king."
●Jonathon wants to move to Hawaii for a year.
●Jonathon would love to have lunch with Neil deGrasse Tyson to pick his brain.

Denver, Colorado
Financial Analyst, 35

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Kevin, 35, is a financial analyst from Denver, Colorado. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

This thrill-seeker is ready to find love. Kevin is an adventurous guy who loves living on the edge by going skydiving, bungee jumping and cliff diving. Now, he’s ready to dive head first into romance as he looks for his future wife with the Bachelorette. While Kevin loves adventure, he's also very ready to settle down and even bought a home in which to plant roots. He hopes to build his family with the woman of his dreams in this space. When Kevin isn't working at his job in finance, he loves being a huge foodie by trying new restaurants and cooking up delicious meals on the barbecue. Will this be the end of Kevin’s search for love? Fingers crossed!

Fun Facts:
●Kevin has been skiing over 200 times.
●Kevin cannot under any circumstance tolerate bugs.
●Kevin used to own his own barbecue restaurant.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Army Ranger Veteran, 31

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Marcus, 31, is an army ranger veteran from Raleigh, North Carolina. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Marcus is a real-life superhero. The military veteran and Harvard alum is so excited to meet Jenn and hopes she's the kind, honest, humble woman for whom he's been searching. Marcus is a man of humility and wants to start a life with someone who shares his core values. When he isn't working hard toward his career and his future, Marcus loves going rock climbing with friends and grilling on a Saturday night. Marcus has been in love before and is ready to settle down and start a family with his perfect match. He is looking forward to meeting Jenn and is hoping to find a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Fun Facts:
●Marcus loves binge watching New Girl.
●Marcus hopes to be an astronaut one day.
●Marcus' favorite flower is the edelweiss because it's a symbol of dedication.

Santa Monica, California
Luxury Event Planner, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Marvin, 28, is a luxury event planner from Santa Monica, California. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Get you a guy who can do it all. Marvin is the CEO of his own company, loves his family, and has a handsome smile to match. He considers himself a romantic and is looking for a wife who has "sugar, spice and everything nice.”"Open communication and strong family values are very important to Marvin. He’s hoping to start a family soon and is ready to create a legacy with his future soulmate. Marvin loves the luxurious things in life, like always being "GQ ready," but is also down to go camping and explore nature. Talk about versatility! Marcus is confident his future wife is out there and is hoping it’s Jenn.

Fun Facts:
●Marvin was born in Cameroon, Africa.
●Marvin speaks French fluently: Accepteras-tu cette rose?
●Marvin dreams of buying a beachside mansion in Malibu.

Atlanta, Georgia
Insurance Executive, 27

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Matt, 27, is an insurance executive from Atlanta, Georgia. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

This southern boy is ready to find love. Matt's family and friends describe him as genuine, open-minded and loyal. He is passionate about his work in his family's insurance business and is truly ready to be "wifed-up." When he's not working, Matt loves going hiking, making music, and spending time with his beloved dog, Nina. He's also really into meditation and hopes to find a woman who is all Zen, no drama. Matt's dream date is exploring a museum with the woman of his dreams and talking about all the different art pieces. His parents are still together and very much in love, so he's looking for a love story like theirs. Hopefully Matt will go from Zen to Jenn!

Fun Facts:
●Climbing Mount Everest is at the peak of Matt’s bucket list... pun intended.
●Matt really wishes he had the ability to teleport.
●Matt is the only person in his entire family with red hair.

Albany, New York
Algebra Teacher, 25

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Moze, 25, is an algebra teacher from Albany, New York. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Class is in session! Caleb, aka Moze, is an algebra teacher who’s ready to see if Moze + Jenn = true love. The self-proclaimed certified lover boy is charismatic, charming and serious about settling down. Moze is extremely close to his family and hopes to have a big family of his own someday. He’s been in long-term relationships before, so he knows he's a great partner and is always willing to grow and improve when it comes to showing up for the person he loves. Moze's ultimate date would be a trip to the moon, and he isn’t afraid to try freestyle rapping for his lady on a first date. So Jenn, hope your bags are packed for a relationship that’s out of this world!

Fun Facts:
●Moze speaks Spanish fluently.
●Moze played football professionally in the XFL
●Moze can’t date you if you have a pet tarantula.

Miami, Florida
Pharmaceutical Representative, 28

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Ricky, 28, is a pharmaceutical representative from Miami, Florida. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

A guy like Ricky is every girl’s dream. The former pro baseball player is looking for a deep emotional connection and is tired of the superficial dating scene. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to Florida with his family, where he lives now. Ricky learned English as a teen by writing poetry and watching rom-com movies. He says he is always working on himself and strives to become a better person every day. Ricky's ultimate date would be making breakfast together and watching the sunrise at the beach. Eggs and bacon with a handsome guy like Ricky? Sounds like the perfect one-on-one to us!

Fun Facts:
●Ricky’s first language is Spanish and he still speaks it fluently.
●Ricky never celebrates his birthday.
●Ricky’s favorite author is Jodi Picoult and he loves reading her books.

Sam M.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Contractor, 27

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Sam M., 27, is a contractor from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Sam M. brightens every room with his dazzling smile.His tattoos and muscles might look tough on the outside, but Sam M. swears he’s a total softie. He’s always been a relationship guy and says his "ultimate dream" is to be a loving husband and father. Sam M. has been in love before and is extremely loyal when it comes to his partner. Cheating is his No. 1 deal-breaker and he is looking for a partner as loyal as he is. When Sam M. isn’t working in contracting, he loves riding motorcycles, golfing, and watching Sons of Anarchy. For Sam M., this journey is all about finding his forever, so here’s hoping he can find that meaningful connection with Jenn.

Fun Facts:
●Sam M. had never been to the West Coast of the U.S. before The Bachelorette.
●Sam M. officiated his sister’s wedding recently.
●Sam M. was homeschooled while growing up.

Sam N.
Carlsbad, California
Entrepreneur, 25

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Sam N., 25, is an entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Sam N.'s energy is unmatched. The entrepreneur comes from a big Persian family and he hopes to meet his dream woman to welcome into his world. Sam N.'s family is extremely important to him and so is their approval of anyone he dates. He only dates women he truly sees a future with, and he can really see a future with Jenn. Sam N. is driven and adventurous, and wants to take his future wife on thrilling dates like going zip lining. When he's not working, Sam N. loves watching rom-coms and spending time with his BFF, aka his dog, Wagmi. Sam N. and Wagmi are a package deal, so hopefully Jenn is ready for some puppy love!

Fun Facts:
●Sam N. is a huge prankster and his favorite holiday is April Fools’ Day.
●Sam N. loves getting his eyebrows threaded to keep them #OnFleek.
●Sam N.enjoys listening to Elvis Presley’s love songs.

Dallas, Texas
Pet Portrait Entrepreneur, 30

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Spencer, 30, is a pet portrait entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Spencer is a glass-half-full kind of guy. He oozes positivity in everything he does, from spending time with his family to running his own businesses. The entrepreneur’s work is centered on pets and inspired by his adorable dog, Roux. When Spencer isn’t working, he loves running, playing Catan with his friends, and traveling. Spencer is used to being the wingman for his buddies, but he's truly ready to find his person for life. This mama's boy is ready to leave the nest and is looking for a family-oriented woman who is optimistic, loyal, and loves his dog. Life is never boring when Spencer is around, and he plans to make the most out of every second he has with Jenn.

Fun Facts:
●Spencer recently hiked 47 miles through the Grand Canyon for 27 hours straight.
●Spencer loves watching and rewatching The Office.
●Spencer ran two ultramarathons in the last year.

Thomas N.
Tucker, Georgia
Retirement Adviser, 31

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Thomas N., 31, is a retirement advisor from Tucker, Georgia. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Thomas N. has a heart of gold.The retirement adviser loves his work and giving back to a community that he says doesn't get enough attention. Thomas N. comes from a big Vietnamese family and is very proud of his family's heritage and culture. His family has been through a lot, and he hopes to find a love as strong as what his parents have. Thomas N. is looking for a future wife who loves him for him and is ready to start a family. When he isn't working, he enjoys swimming, watching Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network, and spending time on a boat with his friends.The little things matter just as much as the big things to Thomas N. in a relationship, and he's ready to shower Jenn with little romantic gestures.

Fun Facts:
●Thomas N. plans on traveling to every continent.
●Thomas N. is a former professional swimmer.
●Thomas N. went cliff diving in Italy.

Tomas A.
Toronto, Ontario
Physiotherapist, 27

'The Bachelorette' Season 21: Tomas A., 27, is a physiotherapist from Toronto, Ontario. - Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Tomas A. has the ultimate golden retriever energy. He’s outgoing, lovable and a total catch. The Canadian cutie comes from a big Italian family and says his dream date night would be making homemade pizza together with his future wife. Tomas A. is hoping to meet an adventurous woman who loves traveling and is someone he can trust. When Tomas A. isn't helping others working as a physiotherapist, he loves playing hockey, going on runs with his running club, and watching Friends. He's hoping Jenn can be the Rachel to his Ross! Who could ask for anything more?

Fun Facts:
●Tomas A. enjoys a long drive with no specific destination in mind.
●Tomas A. dreams of snowboarding in the Swiss Alps.
●Tomas A. has gone ice skating thousands of times.

Season 21 of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 8, at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.