'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Recap: Michelle Confronts Her Exes

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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All is here! During Monday's special episode of Michelle Young's season, the teacher's suitors gave their takes on the season's drama and Michelle confronted her exes, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

Pizza Peter and Will traded insults, before Martin was accused of having a girlfriend during filming and Rick alleged that Chris said a crude remark.

Later, attention turned to Jamie and his circuitous way of responding to accusations, before Rick and Rodney got their chance at closure.

A kind surprise for Olu followed, and things wrapped up with a dramatic preview of what's to come.

Keep reading for a full recap of the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette.

Will and Peter Make Amends

Will and Peter's drama began back in episode 3, when Will called Peter a narcissist, and Peter responded by throwing Will's jacket in the pool. 

Will stuck to his statement at the start of the show, confirming that he "absolutely" stood by his insult directed at Peter, who considers himself to be a Pizzapreneur.

"This is the show to find love," Will told Peter. "If you really wanted to promote your business, you should’ve went on Shark Tank."

Casey backed Will's dislike for Peter, calling him "awful all day long." Peter responded to the heat by saying that his Florida pizza shop helps him provide for his mom and sister, but Will had a comeback for that, too.

"Tell your sister to stay out of my DMs," Will told Peter. "... She slid into my DMs like it was home plate." 

Peter went on to lament that Will's public criticism of him has led to negative reviews for his pizza shop, so much so that he revealed he's suing Will for defamation of character.

Later in the episode, Peter treated the group to pizza flown in from his shop, and Will didn't criticize the slice. The semi-peace offering made Peter wave a white flag of his own, when he put his hand out for Will to shake. Will accepted Peter's hand, and thus the feud has ended.

Martin Apologizes

Martin ruffled feathers when he said Michelle was "immature" for not dealing with her past trauma. When the comment made it back to Michelle, she sent Martin home. In his car ride exit, Martin declared, "I wouldn’t even care to give her a shot. It’s sad. That’s all it is. I feel sad for her. A woman like that does not deserve my time."

The comments were a source of contention on Men Tell All, with Olu calling Martin "two-faced" and Romeo blasting him for a "triple whammy of misogyny." Will took it one step further, claiming that Martin had a girlfriend during filming. Martin denied as much, but admitted that he had dated his current girlfriend before the show, and the pair has since gotten back together following its conclusion.

Later, when Michelle joined the group, Martin told her, "We did have a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding in a lot of our conversations. I do apologize for the way things ended." 

Michelle didn't let him off that easily, though, instead questioning, "Why did you feel that it was OK to belittle me?"

"I don’t express myself sometimes to the best of my abilities, so I do apologize for saying the things I said in the car," Martin responded. "But thanks to this whole process, I did find my soulmate and I do treat her very much like a queen. You helped a lot in that process."

Michelle wasn't so sure about that, telling Martin, "You have to understand what that means to treat a woman like a queen. It’s listening to her when she’s vulnerable, and embracing what she’s been through instead of calling her immature and pointing at trauma being immature, because those words really do hit deep. Not only for me, but so many other women." 

"That’s why I’m here, as a man, apologizing for what I said in that very moment," Martin replied. "Not saying that it was OK. I’m apologizing for it."

Michelle accepted Martin's apology.

Rick Makes a Shocking Claim

Chris had a villainous turn when he claimed that some men believed they were shoe-ins to win Michelle's heart, despite no such comments. On Men Tell All, Chris said his "intentions were genuine," but admitted that it "might have come off a little strong." 

Casey called Chris' move "desperate," while Rick claimed that Chris once told him that "better-looking women [than Michelle] have f**ked his d**k." Olu slammed Chris for questioning his IQ, telling him, "You’re looking at Black excellence right here. I have a whole Masters degree, boy." Chris declined to comment to any of the accusations.

When Michelle came out, Chris said that he wanted to "truly apologize" to her, without getting into any specifics. She thanked him stating, "I appreciate you, thank you, and I hope you’re doing well."

Jamie Shares His Side

Jamie became a source of controversy after telling Michelle that the men were questioning her character, though it was untrue. During one conversation with a producer, Jamie even slammed Michelle for being "in f**king spring break mode."

On Men Tell All, Jamie tried to explain away the "spring break" comment, by revealing that it came after he walked in on Michelle having an "intimate moment" with someone else, stating, "It was more so about me being one of 20 guys."

The supposed explanations continued, while Casey, Will, Rodney, Romeo, and more all blasted Jamie for his inability to give a straight answer.

Jamie's circuitous explanations continued into the conversation about him leading Michelle to believe that she couldn't trust her men. Michelle emotionally confronted the guys after that talk with Jamie, but he never revealed that it was him who'd planted those seeds of doubt.

"I was going to say something, like 'Hey, I was the one who said it,' but I felt like I was taking the attention away from what we had gained as a group," Jamie said on Men Tell All.

When Michelle came out, Jamie provided compliment after compliment to the Bachelorette, especially praising her for lifting others up, something, he said, he likes to do as well.

"As I watch back, and I see those things you have said on camera about me going through a spring break mode, you expressed that you felt like the men in the house were below you," she said. "… I don’t understand how you can be so comfortable or quick to express and preach positivity, when that’s not what you’re showcasing 100 percent of the time. And that’s where I have a problem, because I’m not seeing any responsibility."

Jamie was quick to apologize if "anybody feels hurt" by his comments, but Michelle shut that down, yelling, "No!" Before she could delve more into her feelings, Jamie spoke on, trying to explain away his comments as venting.

"I took a lot of care when we were on the show to not talk about anybody in a negative manner," he said, to which Michelle replied, "In front of their face." 

"That’s not even accurate, though," Jamie insisted. "... I’m just saying that moment was more about me than me going through and expressing my genuine opinion about everybody. That was never the reason or intention for me to come here."

Michelle continued the conversation by telling Jamie that "words do matter." When he attempted to respond in a similar way as he had all night, Michelle said she's "closing this conversation."

"It is frustrating to sit here and truly not feel like you have learned from those comments and those things that you have said, because your apologies are apologizing because you have to if someone feels hurt. You’re putting it on them, like they’re at fault for what you said," she explained. "... I think it’s very clear why this relationship didn’t work out."

Jamie responded by saying that he believes in "accountability," adding, "I apologize for what I said... I was in the wrong, and I apologize for that."

Michelle thanked Jamie for his apology and accepted it. 

Rodney Says He's Team Michelle

As the show continued, Rick and Michelle got their closure, and co-host Tayshia Adamstearfully reflected on her breakup from Zac Clark. The emotions became too much for Tayshia, who exited the stage in tears during Rodney's turn in the hot seat, leaving co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe to conduct the conversation by herself.

Rodney touched on the "bittersweet" memories he has with Michelle, before Tayshia made her return for the episode's next segment. Later, when Michelle joined the group, she praised Rodney for his time on the show.

"You knew who you were coming into it, you stayed true to that. You were always kind, regardless of if things were going your way or not," she said. "That’s something that I can truly respect, because it’s not always easy to be kind when things are tough, so Rodney, I really appreciate that." 

Rodney responded in kind, complimenting Michelle on carrying herself with "so much class, so much poise, so much grace." 

"I’m just so happy for you and I’m just so proud of everything we went through on our journey. You taught me so much. I’m so grateful and so thankful for everything that you did for me," he said. "You said you’ll always be Team Rodney and cheering for me, so as you know, I’m always Team Michelle cheering for you. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. I just wish you nothing but the best."

Michelle Praises Olu

Michelle pointed to Olu as the man she believes she sent home a little too early. The pair had an emotional conversation about Michelle's personal poem and her feelings of not being seen, which was something Michelle greatly appreciated.

"You and I just had so many wonderful conversations. I felt like you always had my best interests in mind," she praised. "When you were able to sit down on that couch with me, and truly feel and cry those real tears when I was feeling unseen, the fact that you were able to show that emotion with me in that moment when I was feeling hurt, I felt very connected with you. It is definitely something I wish I had more time to explore."

"I do appreciate that," Olu replied. "Me personally, I do thank you for this journey. You taught me how to go above and beyond for a woman. Just ultimately being vulnerable and showing that emotional side, it’s something that I’m not really used to doing in my previous relationships, so I thank you for that."

The episode came to a close with a dramatic preview of what's to come in the Fantasy Suites and finale episodes.

The Fantasy Suites episode of The Bachelorette will air Tuesday, Dec. 14, followed by the three-hour season finale on Dec. 21. ET has got you covered throughout the entirety of Michelle's season with all of our Bachelorette coverage. 


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