'The Bachelorette': Michelle Worries One Man Isn't Ready to Propose in Intense Preview

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Michelle Young has concerns about one of her final three men. At the end of Monday night's The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode, fans got a sneak peek look at the final two episodes of Michelle's journey for love.

Michelle gushes over being left with three "incredible men" at the start of the preview for the Fantasy Suites episode.

There's Nayte, who confesses he's "crazy" about the Bachelorette, before she admits, "I’ve never had a feeling like when I kiss Nayte. He is soulmate material." Then there's Joe, Michelle's "slice of home," who tells her, "I’m falling in love with you." Last up, there's Brandon, who Michelle says she "can see spending" her life with.

As all three connections deepen, concern over who will be next to go runs deep.

"This is tough for me," Nayte admits at one point. "I’ve been so focused on my connection with Michelle. It wasn’t until today that I realized I’m not the only one catching feelings for her... That’s my girl." 

"Do I think Nayte’s ready?" Brandon asks. "No."

"I think Brandon’s a good guy, but I’m her guy," Joe insists.

"When you’re in love with three people, how do you know which person is your person?" Michelle questions, as her dad, Ephraim, tries to narrow down her choice by one.

"My concern is that he would become a jealous person," Ephraim tells the cameras, which his daughter seemingly reacts to by saying, "That just changed everything. I could have stronger feelings for him than he does for me. I don’t deserve to be constantly heartbroken."

Ephraim apparently has concerns about Joe, telling him, "She has these feelings for you, and I just hope that they’re the same," while Michelle's mom, LaVonne, doesn't seem impressed by Nayte, even when he tells her, "I am very ready to get down on one knee."

"I’m not sure you’re 100 percent in," she replies.

Nayte thinks he's found his "forever person," and Brandon admits that he doesn't "want to let this woman go."

When it's time for the rose ceremony, Brandon interrupts and asks to speak to Michelle. The camera then flashes to a sobbing Michelle standing outside, as she laments, "This is so hard."

Michelle eventually does pick her final two, but the concern over one man's readiness, or lack thereof, lingers on.

"I would be devastated if he decided he couldn’t do this," she says, before confronting the man in question with her fears.

"Falling in love is one thing, an engagement is another thing," she says. "Which of those are you ready for?" 

From there, cameras turn to what appears to be Michelle sobbing at her final rose ceremony as she questions, "Oh god. What am I doing?"

The Fantasy Suites episode of The Bachelorette will air Tuesday, Dec. 14, followed by the three-hour season finale on Dec. 21. ET has got you covered throughout the entirety of Michelle's season with all of our Bachelorette coverage.



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