'The Bachelorette': Rachel Questions How She Made It Out of Tino's House Alive in Awkward Hometowns Preview

Rachel questions how she made it out of the encounter alive in the dramatic preview.

Hometowns are here... and the drama is too. At the end of Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, fans got a peek at what's to come during next week's Hometown dates, and it appears Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are in for a tumultuous time.

Things start off well for the women, as Gabby gushes, "I’m so excited to meet families and deepen our connections." Rachel agrees, telling the cameras that the experience "feels like a taste of the future." That future is one that Zach very much wants to be a part of, as he tells the pilot, "I’m in love with you, Rachel." 

Meanwhile, Erich confesses that "It’s scary to open up and show someone my entire world," while Gabby admits that she's "terrified because I know how much I have to lose." That seems to be Jason's family's fear too, as a woman tells him through tears, "It’s important to keep in mind what would it be like without her?"

Things aren't all positive for Rachel either, as everything seems to take an awkward turn when she arrives at Tino's house.

"When you know, you know," Tino tells his family as he holds Rachel's hand. That explanation isn't enough for a man who appears to be Tino’s dad, as he tells his son, "We’re going to have to have a talk. You’re living a fairy tale right now."

That same man has a talk with Rachel too, telling her, "You’re saying all the right things, but I want to see him fall for the right person."

At the end of that date, Rachel admits, "I don’t know how I made it out of that house alive. I almost cried."

"I care about him so much, and then to hear that?" Rachel says as she's driven away. "I feel like my heart is breaking."

When ET spoke with Rachel and Gabby earlier this month, Rachel teased that there will be a mix of "really happy moments" and ones where viewers see both women "struggling" in the weeks to come.

"You'll still see Rachel and I's friendship, really supporting each other and moving along on parallel journeys, but you get to see real relationships and what comes with them," Gabby said. "I think that is the most special part of the latter part of the season, is you get to see like a true trajectory, and you really feel connected to not just her or I, but the actual relationship."

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