The Best Shows on Amazon Prime to Binge-Watch Now

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In a world where new shows and movies are constantly being released, it can be easy to miss your next new favorite show to binge-watch. But not to worry: We've got you covered with a list of the 25 best shows on Amazon Prime that you can watch right now.

There's something for everyone on the list, whether you're in the mood for the Hunger Games-esque young adult series Panic, or light-hearted reality TV such as The Hills and RuPaul's Drag Race. We've also made sure to include shows you won't want to miss, including the heartbreakingly beautiful David Weil series Solos that features Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and more.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, we’ve made things simple for you: Just click through below to the show of your choice and start watching immediately. Not an Amazon Prime member? Start watching today after you sign up with Prime and use your 30-day trial, for $8.99 a month for Amazon Prime Video or $12.99 a month/$119 a year for full Prime membership. With Amazon Prime Day coming June 21-22, now is the perfect time to get signed up. The retailer is pulling out all the stops with deals on Amazon devices, big events like the Prime Day Show featuring Billie Eilish and others, and upcoming discounts on Prime Video that you won't want to miss.

Happy streaming!


Feeling trapped in your hometown is a common feeling, but there’s a new level of trying to escape your roots when it comes to Panic. In small town Carp, Texas, 23 high school seniors put everything on the line in the titular high-stakes competition. If the participants can survive multiples rounds of dangerous tasks, they will win a life-changing cash reward. Given that two players died in the game just the year before, the risk has never been higher.

Amazon Studios

The Hills

Committed to never becoming "the girl that didn’t go to Paris?" If you’re don’t get that reference, here’s your chance! In this early 2000's reality TV show, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams in fashion and entertainment while navigating professional and personal relationships. (You can keep tabs on where most of the cast is now by watching the reboot The Hills: New Beginnings -- Season 1 is now streaming on Paramount+, while new episodes of Season 2 are airing on MTV.)

ET and MTV are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS.



Solos is a poignant Amazon original anthology series, set in other-worldly spaces, that highlights the human connection between individuals from our present and future as they grapple with challenges such as fertility and time travel. The star-studded cast features Anne Hathaway, Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu. While the far-off plots may not feel commonplace, the ups and downs of each character’s journey serves as a reminder of what connects us all.

Amazon Studios


Ron Livingston stars as Sam Loudermilk in this dry-humor comedy focused on the musings and adventures of a former music critic turned recovered substance abuse counselor. The show features a stellar ensemble cast that includes Livingston, Anja Savcic, Will Sasso, Laura Mennell, Brian Regan, Ricky Blitt, Timothy Webber, Viv Leacock and more.

Dom (June 4)

Dom is Amazon Prime Video’s first scripted Brazilian original series based on the true story of a father and son relationship challenged by drugs and crime. Victor is a military intelligence agent fighting the war against drugs in Brazil who fails to protect his son, Pedro, from the lure and addiction of cocaine. As Pedro becomes one of the most wanted criminals in Rio de Janeiro, father and son come head to head in a battle much bigger than your typical family feud. 

Amazon Studios

RuPaul's Drag Race

Thirteen seasons in, RuPaul’s Drag Race is renowned for hosting some of the best drag queens in America alongside star-studded celebrity guest judge appearances. From hand-sewn outfits to iconic lip-sync moments (thank you, Ariana Grande), this series should be next on your binge-watch list. The least we can do these days is live vicariously through the contestants getting their glam on. The first five seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

With countless awards in its repertoire, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is anything but your usual comedy. Midge Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan) has it all on the Upper West Side, until her marriage takes a drastic turn. Things escalate quickly for Midge as she discovers a true love for stand-up comedy. Before you know it, you will be falling in love with this 1950’s housewife and cheering her on as she follows her dreams.

30 Rock

If you haven’t seen 30 Rock yet, then you must be living under a rock. The iconic NBC comedy series starring Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan is a great way to pretend that you’re part of the behind-the-scenes action of a dysfunctional version of Saturday Night Live. All seven seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

30 Rock
NBCUniversal Syndication Studios


Live out your Midwest dreams in this Montana-based drama featuring Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the owner of the largest ranch in U.S. history. With such an honor, comes great responsibility. Dutton must protect the integrity of his land and his family from emerging modern-day threats.

ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks/Paramount Network


Get serious about escaping your reality with this new Amazon original show based on Robert Kirkman’s comic books series. Sandra Oh, Steven Yeun, and AK Simmons expertly bring the animated show to life as it follows the journey of young superhero Mark Grayson who is just developing his powers.

Warning: The animation team did not leave out any of the gory details.

American Horror Story

Looking for a little Halloween spook in the middle of spring? Then American Horror Story is the binge-watch for you. For the uninitiated, the horror show is composed of nine mini-series and features a different storyline for each season. But don’t worry, you’ll still see familiar faces like Sarah Paulsen, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe alongside some big-name pop stars like Lady Gaga and Adam Levine.

American Horror Story
20th Century Fox Television Distribution


Scrubs walked so that Grey’s Anatomy could run — with a comedic, early 2000’s twist at least. All nine seasons of Dr. J.D.'s internal musings are available on Prime Video so you can get your fill as you patiently await other releases. 

Buena Vista Television/Disney–ABC Domestic Television

Small Axe

Steve McQueen is back with nothing less than excellence. The Academy Award-winning director brings stories of the West Indian community in London to life in a five episode mini-series that takes place from late 1960 to mid-1980. Starring Letitia Wright and John Boyega, the idea for this series has been on McQueen’s mind for nearly eleven years. Take it all in while you can.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge was a hot mess before it was cool. Starring as Fleabag in the self-titled, two-season show, it is a must-watch for anyone who wants to indulge (OK, reminisce) in the chaos of navigating fleeting romances. With witty camera side-conversations, there’s no show that's better at breaking down the fourth wall and making us all feel like we’re back outside and dating again.

Modern Love

This Amazon original series is exactly what it sounds like it would be about— love stories! Based on the true tales shared in the widely adored New York Times “Modern Love” column, season one features a new storyline in each episode. The raw and real narratives will have you laughing, crying and appreciating all of the love in your life.


Remember when Logan Lerman played Percy Jackson? This is him now. Feel old yet? Lerman stars as a young man in 1977 New York who discovers an eclectic group of Nazi hunters after his grandmother is murdered. Season one is filled with blood, revenge and iconic Al Pacino one-liners. Sit tight, because there is more coming your way with a season two on the horizon.


Falling in love, moving into the suburbs, having a steady routine. To some, this sounds like a dream. To others, it’s a nightmare. June and Oscar (played by Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen) live in habit until June pushes the couple to go outside of their comfort zone, switching up their annual lake house trip for a ski vacation. Navigating the unknown is challenging for anyone, but especially so for a couple that is seemingly tied together by consistency.

The Wilds

If you thought your teenage years were rough, imagine being stranded on an island from a catastrophic plane crash with a group of teenage girls you had nothing in common with. While the cast of The Wilds may have seemingly escaped their awkward years, they can’t run from each other. The group of girls are forced to band together in order to survive, and attempt to understand what really happened in the air.


Still upset about that Game of Thrones series finale? Escape your woes by diving into another great series with battles, romances, and power struggles. This historical drama takes you into the Middle Ages as Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) fights to become the next Earl and, hopefully, King.

History Channel/Amazon Studios


If you like The Crown, just wait until you watch Victoria. Step into the life of Alexandrina Victoria as she assumes the title of Queen at the young age of eighteen. After the death of her uncle, Victoria must step up to the role and navigate the twisting turns and traps of monarch life. Inspired by real events, the series is informational as much as it is addicting.

The Boys

We won’t blame you if you’re interested in watching The Boys just to see Chace Crawford in that super suit, but if you’re actually interested in a reverse superhero plot, this is the show for you. The Boys takes place in a world where Superheroes are revered like modern-day celebrities. The heroes are owned by a powerful corporation called Vought International that works hard to hide the corrupt and self-centered personalities behind their leading Superhero team, The Seven, but they can’t fool everyone. The heroes begin to violently clash with the anti-super vigilante group, The Boys, determined to expose the reality behind The Seven and Vought International.


After narrowly surviving a deadly car crash, 28-year-old Alma (played by Rosa Salazar) begins to experience life in a new way. Undone is an animated show that plays with the concept of reality when Alma starts seeing her dead father, leading her to believe there is something she still needs to uncover.

Amazon Studios

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete focuses on Marius Josipović, but you can call him Pete. Actually, as far as you know, he only goes by Pete. Played by Giovanni Ribisi, “Pete” is a recently released convict who takes on his prison cellmates identity in order to escape his past life, and to hopefully pay his debts. A word to the wise: once a con man, always a con man.

Vanity Fair

If you aren’t comfortable promenading just yet, but you want to continue fantasizing about the Bridgerton life, look no further than period piece Vanity Fair. Adapted from William Thackeray’s novel, the series follows Becky Sharp (played by Olivia Cooke) as she does whatever deemed necessary to move up in English Society.

Bonus: You will even spot Claudia Jessie (aka Eloise in Bridgerton) as Becky’s friend, Amelia Sedley.

The Tick

In a reality where superheroes are normalized, emerging (and long-lasting) villains are a constant burden. Enter: The Tick. The blue-suited hero, played by Peter Serafinowicz, is befriended by sidekick Arthur — a completely normal man with mental health issues, an accounting career and a hunch that their city is in danger. The unlikely duo launch into adventure as they gather allies and fight to take down enemies.


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