The Black Eyed Peas on 'Learning From' J Balvin on 'Ritmo' Collab (Exclusive)

The trio opened up to ET about celebrating the Latinx community with their Balvin collab.

Black Eyed Peas are all about spreading the love and teaming up with other artists., and Taboo chatted with ET Live's Jason Carter earlier this week about working with J Balvin on their new single, titled "Ritmo," for the upcoming Bad Boys for Life movie and soundtrack.

"It feels great. We've had a long career, so to come back with a global smasher like this with J Balvin, this is fresh. It just feels really, really, really fantastic," told ET, adding, "We're learning from each other and helping each other out."

The collab was also super special for Taboo, who is always down to celebrate his Latinx community.

"For us, being L.A. kids and having a record that not only speaks to the masses but also to the Latino community, it's a blessing," Taboo expressed. "Me, as a mixed kid, Latino and Native American, growing up in East L.A. with all the Mexicans."

"I was the only black kid in an all Mexican neighborhood," will chimed in, with Taboo continuing. "And then ap coming from P.I., coming from the Philippines…It was great to be able to tap in and celebrate the Latin community."

Meanwhile, BEP also touched on what they have coming up next year. "We love making music and it's been a minute...We just wanted to continue what we started," will shared, adding that they're "working on this new Black Eyed Pea project coming out in 2020."

Additionally, the trio also touched on Jennifer Lopez taking the stage at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. The group, along with Fergie, performed during the 2011 championship game. 

"J.Lo, I mean, her knowledge and her experience from starting at In Living Color to becoming Jenny From the Block to J.Lo, I have no doubt she is going to be the queen that she is and represent Latinos as Latinos are rising in popular culture," stated. "Before it was like the Latin market. No, no, no, Latin market is pop right now."

For more on the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, also featuring Shakira, watch below. 



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