'The Blacklist' Bosses Tease Surprising Season 6 Finale Resolution (Exclusive)

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How will The Blacklist team get out of this one?

NBC's crime thriller wraps up the action on Friday's season six finale, with members of the Task Force in dire straits after being locked up in a big orange box by President Robert Diaz (Benito Martinez) and his right-hand woman, presidential adviser Anna McMahon (Jennifer Ferrin), when they catch wind that they're after all after the same dossier containing confidential information of a conspiracy against America.

"Our Task Force has been arrested. Liz is somewhere within the facility. They don't know that she's there and Reddington is somewhere in the city and we have a very dire situation because our people are in the orange box. They've been detained," creator and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells ET in previewing the hour. "What we really teed up in the last episode and is important to know going into this episode is our Task Force, over the course of the season, has been working to unravel this plot by the president and Anna McMahon to assassinate the president. There is the question of, why the president would sign up for assassinating himself?"

"It's unusual that we have a case like this, which really is a culmination of an entire season of the conspiracy that we've been unraveling," Bokenkamp adds. "We have a really fun, emotional, surprising resolution to it and some big character turns in the mythology of the story in this coming up episode."

But why would the leader of the free country be in on a plan to terminate himself? The real answer, executive producer John Eisendrath hints, is surprising.

"We were very excited when we came up with the question, why would the president of the United States be involved in an assassination attempt and be supportive of an assassination attempt against [himself]? It seems like an unanswerable question that has all sorts of incredibly fun possible answers to it," Eisendrath teases.

"We think that the answer that we have is the best possible answer. We think that it is one that is incredibly satisfying and very relatable," she continues. "[Hopefully] people will watch it and be like, 'Oh my god, yes, I totally understand why the president was involved in this conspiracy.' And that is very hard to come up with. Usually an answer to a question that big might seem arch or hard to believe at the end of the day."

The Blacklist wraps up its sixth season Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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