'The Blacklist' Sneak Peek: Is Liz About to Be Exposed as Red's Betrayer? (Exclusive)

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Raymond Reddington wants answers.

On Friday's episode of The Blacklist, titled "Alter Ego," Red (James Spader) argues his case in court to uphold the validity of his immunity agreement with the FBI amid his dramatic arrest at Elizabeth Keen's (Megan Boone) doing, and only ET has the exclusive first look from the upcoming hour.

In ET's exclusive first look, Red makes a bold request to hear the tape of the anonymous call that tipped the police off and led to his arrest. While we know it was Liz who was behind it all, he isn't yet privy to that information, and his request -- if granted by the court -- could expose Liz as the one who betrayed him. 

"How do I know it even exists? How do I know you're not fabricating the entire call as a way to justify the search?" Red asks in the courtroom. He is fueled even more by the suggestion by AUSA Michael Sima (Ken Leung) that he's throwing out accusations without any "foundation."

"The government pretended my immunity agreement didn't exist. How do I know you're not pretending the tape does?" Red fires back, after getting support from the judge.

Red and Sima go back and forth a bit, each attempting to position themselves ahead of the other. But Red gets down to brass tacks.

"I was targeted. I want to know why," he says plainly. 

But Sima knows Red's ultimate play: to find out who turned him in, in the first place. Watch ET's exclusive clip above to see what happens next.

"I can say with confidence he doesn't know," showrunner and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told ET in January of Red's new mission. "That's what's fun with this new dynamic between Red and Liz. She has made the bold step to stay in charge, to stay in the driver's seat and to run out this mystery. She knows to do that he has a lot of resources, so she has to sideline him."

"It will create incredible tension between them and put her in a dangerous place. Reddington, as he says, is deadset on figuring out who betrayed him. He has one goal; it might be more important than getting out of prison is figuring out who betrayed him. I think it's fair to say that at some point, he will figure that out," he said. "You can only imagine what that will do to this dynamic between Red and Liz. We're entering uncharted waters and what they're choosing to tell each other and how they're reacting to this big reveal -- that Red, in fact, is an impostor. It offers us some really great storytelling and a really fun game of chess between Red and Liz."

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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