'The Blacklist' Sneak Peek: Cooper Surprises Aram With Unexpected Task Force Promotion (Exclusive)

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The Blacklist's Task Force is facing an unexpected leadership change.

On Friday's episode, Red chases a lead that could shed light on both Liz’s death and Cooper’s blackmailing. Meanwhile, the Task Force experiences a major shakeup when one of their own is taken into custody.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek, Cooper (Harry Lennix) pleads not guilty to the charges brought against him. But the prosecution argues that he's a flight risk, resulting in the judge ordering bail to be set at $300,000 and the trial to begin in six weeks. Not ideal for Cooper, who is to be taken away to a holding cell.

But before he is, Cooper breaks the news to Aram (Amir Arison) that while he's unable to perform his duties as head of the Task Force, Aram will have to take temporary command of the post. The news stuns Aram. "You have my full confidence and blessings," Cooper says as he tries not to break down.

Aram, however, isn't quite sure how to receive the sudden promotion, confessing that he doesn't believe he can perform the duties. "What about Agent Ressler?" he asks, trying to piece together why he was the chosen one. Well, it's about to be a hairy ride.

“I never would have imagined in nine seasons that Aram would or could be placed in charge of the Task Force," Arison exclusively tells ET. "This new position has ramifications both funny and serious, as well as profound for the character and the team.”

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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