'The Bold Type' Season 4: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy React to Sutton's Maybe Baby! (Exclusive)

ET has the exclusive inside scoop straight from the stars about Jane, Kat and Sutton's upcoming challenges and bumpy new surprises!

First comes love, then comes marriage, and now is it time for... Sutton and Richard's baby? Maybe.

Season 4 of the The Bold Type returns to Freeform on Thursday, June 11 and only ET has the exclusive inside scoop straight from Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy about Jane, Kat and Sutton's upcoming challenges, career changes and bumpy new surprises.

So what's next for Jane after her double mastectomy surgery and messy breakup? How is Kat surviving life without Scarlet Magazine? And exactly how did COVID-19 shake things up for season 4 of The Bold Type? All those answers and so much more ahead...

ET: Meghann, we were very surprised when we were watching The Bold Type's newest trailer to see a very strong hint that Sutton could be getting pregnant. What was your reaction when you first found out about this maybe baby storyline?

Meghann Fahy: I mean, I love it. I want the big belly, give me the whole thing! [Laughs] No, I think it's cool. I think that starting a family with someone is a conversation that involves a lot of different elements, and I think that it's a topic that our show hasn't necessarily covered yet... You know, I think that it's a really interesting conversation to have -- especially for Sutton. She's a young woman who is just finally becoming a stylist that she's been dreaming to become her entire life. So now that that's falling into place with her, and she's with the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with, I think it would be really cool to watch the two of them sort of navigate what that means together.

Aisha Dee: Well, I’d really like to have some children on the set though. I know that they say never work with children or animals, but I don’t care. I want a cute baby to be a koala on me. It’s a very selfish want, but you know that’s my truth.

Katie Stevens: You said babies and animals. I think maybe the girls should get a dog so we could just have a dog on set. I’ll volunteer my own so that Winnie could be on set all the time.


Aisha, we were surprised to see that Kat was officially fired from Scarlet Magazine in the midseason finale. What's next for her now that she's no longer working with her best friends?

AD: I will say that this is probably the first time that we see Kat face her privilege in a more, kind of, immediate and real way. So it's the first time she doesn't have this security blanket of Scarlet and, you know, the security of that financial stability, so we're gonna get to see her stumble a little bit. But I think it's just as inspiring to see someone on a trajectory towards success because success isn't really linear. It doesn't just, you know, go up and up and up -- sometimes you make a misstep.

Katie, when we last saw Jane, she decided to end her relationship with Ryan and chose to have a preventative double mastectomy. Where is her headspace at when we catch up with her in the midseason premiere?

KS: I mean, she’s kind of in rough shape. That was something I spoke a lot with the writers about. I had gotten the storyline and I knew that it was heavily dealing with the post-mastectomy journey of it all involving her physical healing. But I was like, I feel like she has a lot of emotional healing to do too because she just broke up with a person that she thought was supposed to be her "person." And I don’t think that that’s something that you just breeze over, so I was really happy that the writers found a way to kind of put those two things together. 


What we’re doing is kind of touching on her body insecurities now. I feel like as women -- you know, just as a whole without having surgery or anything -- I think that we’re often so dissatisfied with ourselves, and our bodies, and how we feel about ourselves and how we feel we look. And I always talk about how we never talk about that on the show. Like, the girls are never complaining about how they feel about themselves, which is what I feel like women do with each other so often. So then on a heavier, heavier spectrum to be able to kind of tell the story of Jane kind of being like I did this thing for my health and I thought that I was just going to get it done and feel fine and be OK. But I don’t feel at home anymore in my body and I don’t feel like these feel like me and look like me. You know, having that as a layered insecurity for her is a really powerful story to tell on top of the physical healing and all of that.

Like many other TV shows and movies, The Bold Type was forced to shut down production due to health concerns surrounding COVID-19 and you had to end your fourth season two episodes short. What was that like for you ladies and how are you feeling about your shortened season?

AD: Yeah, well, we had to stop early, obviously, to keep everyone safe and healthy, and luckily we managed to finish six [episodes] before we had to do that. So we still have six to air, but I think we're all really missing each other and really missing our crew too because they're a big part of the experience and being there and we didn't get a proper goodbye, so hopefully we get to go back.


KS: Yeah, we're hoping that we get a season 5 and get to, kind of, finish off those episodes as part of season 5 because the stories that we were telling in [episodes] 17 and 18 were really great and I know we were all really excited about them. But I do know that our editors and our writers did the best that they could to make [episode] 16 feel like a finale, so hopefully people can watch it keeping in mind that it wasn't the intended finale. Be we're thankful that we're one of the shows that actually have enough episodes to give people new content because I know that's not the case for a lot of other shows.

Season 4 of The Bold Type returns Thursday, June 11 on Freeform.