'The Bold Type's' Katie Stevens Dishes on Jane's Love Triangle With Pinstripe and Dr. Ben (Exclusive)


Is Jane at the center of a love triangle?

The latest episode of The Bold Type marked the welcomed return of Pinstripe, aka Ryan (Dan Jeannotte), Jane's on-again, off-again fling from season one, as he offered to help Jane get back on the writing wagon. Though things ended abruptly between the two aspiring journalists at the end of the freshman season, it appears season two will complicate matters between the exes even more with Jane embarking on a new romance with Aussie cutie Dr. Ben (Luca James Lee).

The Bold Type star Katie Stevens dropped by ET's Burbank studio on Wednesday, where she dished on Jane and Pinstripe's hot new dynamic. 

"It's the interesting dynamic that we're playing of when you've been intimate or been in a relationship with someone, can you still maintain that friendship, especially dating somebody else," Stevens told ET's Katie Krause. "What is that like to have a friendship with someone you previously dated while you're with someone else? Are the feelings still there? Are you able to just be friends?"

Stevens acknowledged that Jane hasn't always given Pinstripe the benefit of the doubt when it comes to who he is as a person, explaining that her character has often put him "in a box" and offered a reasonable explanation for why Dr. Ben may be a good companion right now.

"I think what's interesting is Jane has always put Pinstripe in a box because she has always thought that he is the dangerous, unstable thing. Ben represents adults, stability, has a job that's secure, is charming and kind, and a doctor. It's a package that's wrapped in a neat little bow, not that it doesn't come with complications like we saw [in the] last [episode]," she said. "But I think that Jane is afraid of Pinstripe. If she ever was to let herself give into that situation, what would happen? She tends to go with structure. That's even more so since everything else in her life is up in the air. She needs to be with somebody who provides structure."

Jane (Katie Stevens) and Dr. Ben (Luca James Lee) on 'The Bold Type.'


But the 25-year-old actress acknowledged that sparks will always fly when Jane and Pinstripe are together, as witnessed in their scenes in this week's episode.

"They will, without fail, always have chemistry," Stevens said. "That's what's so dangerous about him, especially her being in this relationship. There's no way she doesn't still have feelings for him."

Could there be a point in her relationship with Dr. Ben, which will continue to heat up in next week's episode, where Jane opens up about Pinstripe or her past flames? 

"Honestly, I don't think that there's ever a conversation. I know that she talks a lot to Pinstripe about Ben, but I don't think there's ever a conversation about like, 'Hey, there's this Pinstripe guy...," Stevens explained. "Jane is conscious to keep those parts of her life separate, but I think it's more so because she really likes Ben and wants to see if that structure works."

But rest assured, Pinstripe fans, he and Jane will continue to hang out throughout the season, though the question of whether that leads to something more remains to be seen -- for now. Stevens offered this juicy hint about what's to come: "I think the days of her freelancing with Pinstripe are over, but you'll see them continue to be friends and write with each other and confide in each other."

While Jane may be faced with a difficult decision down the line, picking between Pinstripe and Dr. Ben, Stevens had nothing but great things to say about the actors who play her two love interests. "I got really lucky because Luca James Lee, who plays Dr. Ben, is such a sweetheart [and] such a good friend of mine now. Same with Dan Jeannotte," Stevens gushed. "I hit the jackpot of getting really sweet, kind, respectful men to play my love interests."

Watch ET's Facebook Live with Stevens below.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.


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