'The Family Chantel': Chantel and Pedro Have Huge Fight, Reveal They Haven't Had Sex in 3 Months (Exclusive)

Chantel and Pedro's marriage is falling apart in this exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of 'The Family Chantel.'

Pedro and Chantel's marriage is definitely not in a good place. In this exclusive clip from Monday's The Family Chantel, the two have a big fight over the way Chantel cooked breakfast, which quickly boils over into being about other serious issues in their relationship.

Chantel and Pedro have grown apart this season, largely because Pedro has found a new job that he loves, which is taking up more of his time and attention. Pedro also feels Chantel hasn't been supportive of his journey and has been critical of her cooking and cleaning skills. In this clip, Pedro calls out Chantel for not cooking breakfast the way he likes it and Chantel reaches her breaking point because of the cold way he is speaking to her.

"I'm trying to speak your love language, OK? I'm not trying to be your servant," she tells him. "Pedro, you are so ungrateful. You don't know how to say thank you. ... Unappreciative. I'm not saying you have to say thank you for every little thing but why don't you recognize when someone's doing something nice for you and not be rude to them?"

Chantel then says she's been "doing everything that a good wife should" for the past two weeks but hasn't seen any change or positive feedback from Pedro.

"What's going on with you, Pedro?" she asks him. "I want the old Pedro back. You haven't been kissing me and you haven't been hugging me. We haven't had sex in months, so why are you doing that?"

Chantel also tells cameras, "This is a dry desert. This is not what our relationship was before. We would make love all the time and we would, you know, [my nickname] 'Pinky, Pinky,' he hardly even calls me that now. We were so lovey-dovey before, I don't know what happened since [his trip to] the Dominican Republic but that's when all this behavior began."

For his part, Pedro is annoyed because he says he has to be "repetitive" with Chantel and that she's been exaggerating how many times she does the household chores.

"Nothing gets done until I tell her to do it," he says. "I don't need a maid. I need a partner."

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During last week's episode, Chantel felt neglected as Pedro got close with his female co-worker, Antonella. Watch the video below for more.