'The Family Chantel': Pedro Criticizes Chantel's Cooking and Calls Her 'Selfish' (Exclusive)

Pedro harshly criticizes Chantel's cooking and cleaning in this exclusive clip from season 4 of the hit '90 Day Fiancé' spinoff.

Pedro isn't happy with Chantel in this exclusive clip from Monday's premiere of season 4 of The Family Chantel. In this clip from the hit 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, it's clear that Chantel and Pedro are not at a good place in their marriage as Pedro says he's trying to "grow as a man," but says Chantel isn't supportive.

In the clip, Pedro FaceTimes Chantel while eating at a restaurant and harshly tells her that he comes there every night because he doesn't like the chicken she cooks. Chantel says that that makes her sad since she tries hard.

"Chantel doesn't understand my feelings and what's on my mind because she's selfish," Pedro tells cameras. "I fully support Chantel when she was in nursing school. I come from my job in the warehouse in the freezer, cook and clean for her -- for five years. And for me, in this short time in my new job, I expect Chantel to be more supportive but she hasn't done it."

But Chantel tells cameras that she's been trying hard.

"I feel like I do just as much stuff as Pedro does and I think that it's clear with my actions that I'm trying to do even more," she says.

Later, Pedro criticizes Chantel's cleaning.

"I need to find a maid," he tells her. "I'm going to fire what maid I have right now. You're going to get fired, OK?"

Chantel fires back, "A wife isn't a maid."

"I work full time and I come home, put dinner on the table," she also tells cameras. "I'm trying to be, like, super woman. After he told me that I'm not doing enough, I started doing even more and going above and beyond. I think he's just trying to make me feel bad."

The Family Chantel season 4 premieres on Monday, June 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

In a first look at this season of The Family Chantel, it appears the 90 Day Fiancé alumni are headed toward a separation after they grow further apart due to Pedro's new job.

"Things between Pedro and I are not OK," Chantel tells cameras, before she becomes emotional and at a loss for words. "I don't know."

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