'The Family Chantel': Pedro Breaks Down and Calls Himself a 'Mistake' After Mother's Affair (Exclusive)

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Pedro's heartbreaking family drama in the Dominican Republic continues in this exclusive clip from Monday's season finale of The Family Chantel. In this clip, Pedro has an intense conversation with his wife, Chantel, and his mother-in-law, Karen, about confronting his painful past in his home country.

Chantel apologizes to Pedro for not being a good listener, but also says she doesn't know how to support him when it comes to Pedro trying to connect with his absentee father. Pedro's dad had an affair with his mom, Lidia, and had a whole other family and was absent from his and his younger sister Nicole's lives growing up. Last week, Pedro met up with his half-brothers, who told him that their dad was always present for them despite him being absent in Pedro's life.

Pedro is reluctant to accept Chantel's apology and Chantel also criticizes Lidia for allowing his dad to just visit their home at night and send him to his room to sleep during Pedro's childhood. At this point, Pedro emotionally calls himself "a mistake."

"You know why? Because he no want to see me," he tells Chantel. "I was a f**king mistake. Look, let me tell you something, I was a f**king mistake. That's what it is, and you don't understand that."

While Karen and Chantel assure him he isn't a mistake, Pedro breaks down in tears. Karen tells cameras, "Pedro is dealing with issues that would be painful and difficult for any child to address. I think that Pedro is mad at the world, and he very well should be."

The Family Chantel's season finale airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.


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