'The Family Chantel': Pedro Says Chantel Isn't 'Mentally Prepared' to Have Kids (Exclusive)

Pedro is nowhere ready to have children with Chantel.

Chantel and Pedro's marriage struggles this season on The Family Chantel continue. In this exclusive clip from Monday's episode, Pedro bluntly says it's not the right time to have kids with Chantel and also says she herself isn't ready to be a mom.

In the clip, Pedro and Chantel have a housewarming party and while Chantel's parents are eager for grandchildren, Pedro says they're going to have to wait longer. Pedro tells cameras he doesn't even know if he wants children and it's clear that this irks 31-year-old Chantel. Chantel notes that she needs to start considering freezing her eggs at 35 since she doesn't want a high-risk pregnancy. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Pedro tells Chantel's mother, Karen, that he wants to wait five years to have kids, much to Karen's dismay.

"I want kids, of course I want kids, but not with Chantel right now," Pedro tells cameras. "Like, for real, not now. Nothing. I believe she's not mentally, you know, prepared. We're not emotionally ready to bring, you know, a baby to this world."

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Pedro has been concentrating on his new career on this season of The Family Chantel, which has led to friction with Chantel. He's also criticized her cooking and cleaning skills, leading to an epic fight during last week's episode. Watch the video below for more.