The First Trailer for Gina Torres' 'Suits' Spinoff 'Pearson' Is Here -- Watch!

Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

The new Chicago-set series will debut later this year.

Jessica Pearson is back in action.

Gina Torres slips back into her signature chic power suits on the Suits spinoff, Pearson, appropriately named after her badass character, and on Tuesday, USA Network officially dropped the first trailer for the series.

If you needed a refresher course, Pearson revolves around the recently disbarred New York City powerhouse attorney as she adjusts to the dangerous and dirty world of Chicago politics. Brought on by Mayor Bobby Novak (Morgan Spector) as his right-hand fixer, Jessica quickly finds herself embroiled in a crooked new world where every action has far-reaching consequences that threaten her desire to win with doing the right thing. 

In the minute-long trailer, Mayor Novak introduces Jessica to the city of Chicago at a press conference, where she addresses her controversial past. "Some of you are well aware of my past," she says. "But I am anxious to give something back."

While Jessica acknowledges she's relatively green in how the political world operates, she makes an intriguing case for why she's a worthwhile member of the mayor's administration. "We can fix some real problems in this city," she says, adding that she knows how to utilize her "power" when it counts. "And if you sit still, you won't have any."

"Mr. Mayor, instead of telling the public why you brought me in, show them," Jessica says, laying down the law. Watch the Pearson trailer below.

Torres explained why she felt like it was a perfect transition for her to move Jessica into the world of politics and leaving behind her law past.

"I was working on other things. I had started really started making my way into producing," Torres said during the show's Television Critics Association panel on Tuesday, adding it was the "next chapter in my creative career." "While all that was happening, I had become obsessed with the 2016 election and that world and how that all evolved. My mind went to Jessica Pearson, who I had thought was in the rearview mirror, and realized that's something that she did in the world of Suits. That was very much her life, not just walking that line and blurring it and rewriting it and drawing it. What would she do in that world?"

In April, Suits star Gabriel Macht spoke with ET about the possibilities of regular crossovers between the original series -- which will end after the upcoming ninth season -- and Pearson. An informal backdoor pilot for the spinoff aired as part of the the Suits season eight finale, which marked Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams' swan song.

"Moving forward, I have no idea what they're thinking as far as bringing recognizable characters from Suits onto their show. I'm so happy and thrilled for Gina that it got picked up," Macht said at the time. "The story is really located now in Chicago and as you saw in the finale, there's no reason why people can't jump on a plane and appear in their world. But I think it is somewhat of a separate world in the beginning of the storytelling. If and when they come to me and say, 'Hey, would you like to take part in this storyline?,' I'll have to take a look at it at that point. But there's no reason why characters can't show up."

Pearson, from Suits creator Aaron Korsh and showrunner Daniel Arkin, also stars Bethany Joy Lenz, Simon Kassianides, Eli Goree, Isabel Arraiza and Chantal Riley.

Pearson premieres later this year on USA Network.