'The Flash' Star Candice Patton Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From 'Run Iris Run'! (Exclusive)

Candice Patton is opening up exclusively to ET about her whirlwind adventures on set as a speedster and Iris' reignited passions for journalism!

It's time to hear from the fastest woman alive!

On tonight's special episode of The Flash, "Run, Iris, Run," Iris West-Allen was temporarily gifted with her husband's speed and successfully saved Central City from the brink of disaster. Now that the episode is over and Barry's powers have been restored, star Candice Patton is opening up exclusively to ET about her whirlwind adventures on-set as a speedster, Iris' reignited passions for journalism and what's next for the newlyweds.

"I thought it was really special," Patton gushed when asked about her first reactions to the "Run, Iris, Run" script. "I think for Iris fans and Flash fans, it's a really fun, one-off episode of seeing Iris be the hero for the day, so I knew it was going to be really special."

In the episode, Iris rocked a custom super suit -- with boots that Patton picked herself! -- but the 29-year-old actress confessed that there was one part of her speedster costume that took some getting used to: running around with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

"That was something that really had to grow on me for a minute, because you never see me with my hair back on the show," the raven-haired beauty explained. "And to be quite honest, that's because it costs a lot of money digitally to have your hair flying in the wind, so that's why all the [female] speedsters have their hair back in a ponytail. It's because it costs too much money to have it down."

At the end of "Run, Iris, Run," Iris revealed to Barry that becoming a speedster helped her realize how much she missed her journalistic roots. Could we see Iris return to Picture News anytime soon? "Her passion is journalism," Patton explained. "I think that's the direction we're going to head back into. Iris is a journalist, and I don't know how that's going to shape up on the show, but I do know we want to have her back on her job in some capacity."

"I mean, we still have to deal with that newspaper article in 2024," she added cryptically. "So I don't know, we've got to get there somehow."

Press play on our exclusive interview with Patton above to discover more about the most challenging parts of "Run, Iris, Run," plus new details about the mystery girl that many fans believe is Dawn Allen -- aka Barry and Iris' future daughter who has traveled back in time!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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