'The Masked Singer' Season 5: The Best Moments, Biggest Clues and Most Shocking Surprises of Week 3!

The Masked Singer
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The Masked Singer will soon be back for the third week of season 5 -- and it's bringing fans even more fun musical performances, wild costumes and frustratingly enticing clues! ET is following along throughout the entire hour-long episode on Wednesday to break down all the biggest moments.

Group A is returning to the stage tonight, meaning fans are getting the chance to see performances, and clue packages, from The Raccoon, The Seashell, The Robopine and The Russian Dolls -- as well as a mysterious new Wild Card character who has yet to be revealed!

Meanwhile, America's favorite panel of celebrity "detectives" -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest panelist Joel McHale -- will try their best to guess the singers' secret identities, as viewers at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can watch and follow along as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season 5!

And the Star Is...

6:01 PM:

...Danny Trejo! Literally, we called it from the first note he sang in the first episode!

After first pretending to take his Raccoon pants off, he then corrects himself and takes off his mask and reveals just how wrong all the judges are.

"I feel like a winner," Danny shares. "And I feel like a cute raccoon... this was an awesome show! I loved it."

This means the Wild Card character, The Orca, is sticking around -- at least for another round of competition.

First Impressions and Final Guesses

5:59 PM:

Ken's First Impression: Mike Tyson
Ken's Final Guess: Danny DeVito

Jenny's First Impression: Dustin Hoffman
Jenny's Final Guess: Gary Busey

Nicole's First Impression: Gary Busey
Nicole's Final Guess: Sylester Stallone

Robin's First Impression: Danny DeVito
Robin's Final Guess: Tony Danza

Joel's Final Guess: Tony Danza

And the Contestant Going Home Is...

5:57 PM:

Yup, I called it. The Raccoon got the axe this week unfortunately. It's hard to argue otherwise, to be fair. But at least he had a good, fun run!

Get Out The Vote

5:53 PM:

Now it's time for the audience and panel to vote, and, as much fun as he is, I think it's probably the end of the line for The Raccoon.

Although we won't know until after the commercial break, of course.

The Orca Isn't Going to Take It Anymore

5:52 PM:

The Orca is certainly determined to make a splash with his debut performance, and he kicks off his time on the show with a rock classic.

He's got the perfect level of gravelly voice and lyrical tone to deliver a killer cover of Twisted Sister's "We Not Gonna Take It." Supported by some enthusiastic killer whale back-up dancers and what appears to be a live rock band, this might be one of the most fun performances of the season thus far.

"I mean, that voice, you can't fake that kind of voice. You can't know how to get to the grit on the right notes," Robin says. "This was one of my favorite performances of any season at any time."

Bonus Clue:

As the Wild Card, The Orca came prepared with his own self-portrait -- a street art-style graffiti piece showing him on a surf board with an F-14 fighter jet flying and a ton of color.

The Orca explains, "Well, I'm always a killer and I'm always the biggest fish in every sea, so I always get the biggest wave, because nobody snakes The Orca!"

Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole thinks it could be Dave Grohl.

Joel says it might be Billy Corgan.

Jenny suggests Kevin Bacon.

The Orca -- FIRST CLUES!!

5:46 PM:

The Orca:

- Works at a pizza joint called "Orca's Pie Hole"

- There's a menu on the board that says "Today's Specials" and then lists Lemon Pizza for $9.00, Orange Pizza for $4.00 and Pumpkin Pizza for $9.00

- Says, "Let me tell you the story of how Pizza changed my life. See, I was 24, and closer to becoming a punchline that achieving my goal of becoming a big star."

- Says, "My dad told me if I didn't make waves by the time I was 25, it was time to move on."

- We see a clock with no numbers spinning on a wall. It lands on 2:59, or 1 minute to three.

- We see a blank VHS tape.

- Says, "I improvised. I hid my audition tapes inside boxes of pizza, and delivered them all around the town. It was my last shot. And at the 11th hour, boom!"

- We see The Orca get picked up by an eagle and flown through the sky. The eagle drops him on a the deck of a fancy sail boat, which also has a bowl of gummy candies.

- Says, "And that's how I accomplished my wildest dreams. And now, as the wildest card yet, I'm going to blow up... this competition."

- Says, "Now call and order our killer special, extra large and extra anchovies."

- The pizza joint is located at 1313 Melville Court.

The Wild Card Shake-Up!

5:45 PM:

The Wild Card is here, and it is, indeed an Orca!

The costume is wild. I didn't know how they could do an Orca costume, but it actually looks pretty motion-friendly.

Also, I know this is nit-pickey, but Niecy introduces him as "the most celebrated humpback since Free Willy" and... that's just objectively incorrect. I ignored it when Jenny called The Raccoon a rodent, but this is just... like, a Humpback is an entirely different animal. Orca's aren't even whales, in the way that we commonly consider them, taxonomically speaking. Either way, they certainly aren't humpback whales. This would be like if she introduced The Snail as "The Most Famous Lobster since Sebastian." OK, I'm OK. But also, Willy WAS an Orca. Also not a humpback. Is it a joke about the dorsal fin? Like, because that counts as a "hump"? Because it isn't and that makes things almost intentionally confusing. OK, for reals, I'm done now.

The Seashell Radiates Confidence

5:40 PM:

The Seashell is in it to win it and she's showing it in a big way tonight. The singer says she hasn't been on a stage in years, but you'd never be able to tell.

She belts out Demi Lovato's "Confident" with powerhouse vocals that get the judges on their feet and closes out the tune by hitting a truly spectacular high note.

"That last note was amazing," Niecy marvels.

"I thought she was fantastic," Joel adds.

Bonus Clue:

For The Seashell's masterpiece, it shows the character on a beach standing next to, as Robin puts it, "A tornado of different things!" Inside the tornado is a microphone, a dumbbell, a bowl of batter with a whisk and a book.

The Seashell explains, "Well, I wear many hats, so sometimes it could be a little tornado, but I like to see myself as a superhero."

Panelists' Guesses:

Joel thinks it could be Ashley Simpson.

Ken suggests it could be Jenny Slate.

Robin says it  might be Haylie Duff.

The Seashell -- NEW CLUES!!

5:35 PM:

The Seashell:

- The clue package opens with The Seashell walking on an old film camera.

- Says, "It's been ages since I was on a stage, so stepping out in front of you for the first time I was a bundle of nerves."

- We see a grey puppy dog.

- Says, "In the past, being alone was scary for me. I always felt like a tiny little shell in a big, big world."

- The Seashell is under a bed and someone is reaching under the bed trying to grab at her. She says, "Excuse me? Whose hand are you?"

- There's a Man in Black playing baseball with a yellow bat. The Seashell gets bumped by a rolling baseball.

- Says, "Then, one day, everything changed. A certain showman asked me out. He was a total jock. But he was larger than life and gave me courage to do things I was always scared of."

- We see a huge grey cat which The Seashell is running from, and a stopwatch which counts up to 2 minutes and then stops.

- We see her standing next to four small potted cactuses.

The Robopine Gives a Legendary Performance

5:29 PM:

So, The Robopine certainly knows how to sing, and is a true romantic. This week he essentially is serenading Nicole with a beautiful rendition of John Legend's "All Of Me" that brings her to tears.

"That was an amazing performance!" Niecy marvels.

"When you gave that performance, everything else stopped," Nicole share. "Tears were streaming and I have never been more compelled by any other performance on any other season ever."

Bonus Clue:

Robopine's self portrait appears to make him look like a blonde glam rocker from the 80s, and there's a spider hanging from his arm.

"I used to have a phobia with spiders, so this was my way of confronting my fears, by wearing what I fear most.

Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole says it could be Brian McKnight.

Jenny says it could be Jason Derulo.

Robin thinks it's Wesley Snipes.

Ken suggests it's Eddie Murphy.

The Robopine -- NEW CLUES!!

5:24 PM:

The Robopine:

- Says, "I've been in a funk lately, but putting on this prickly, shiny armor and singing my heart out is exactly what I needed."

- Says, "I felt like a singing super hero."

- We see a trash can with an hour glass symbol on it.

- Says, "Around 60 years ago, as a tiny Piney in Costa Rica, my super heroes were the workers whose job it was to keep my streets clean," and we see two Men in Black dressed up in safety vests picking up trash.

- Says, "They had my dream job, but life took me on a different route. To this day, when I see them working, I like to pull over and lend a claw.

- See see a lightning bolt necklace and hear thunder.

- Says, "They say, 'Why would a shiny porcupine like you want to get your quills dirty with us?' I tell them, they're the true super heroes who instilled the work ethic I've carried with me my whole life.

- There's a red velvet throne and some red roses.

- We see a stuffed kitty cat toy.

The Raccoon Has a Burning Love for Jenny

5:18 PM:

The Raccoon might not be the best singer on the show -- or even a singer in any capacity -- but goodness he is a charming delight.

He wonderfully growls his way through Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," and manages to give a special shout-out to Jenny, whom he explicitly says he loves -- and even has a wanted poster with her picture on it -- and it's weird and fun and one of the reasons this show is so fun and unexpected.

"I'm blushing," Jenny says after the song. "Do we know each other? Did we date?"

"I wish!" The Raccoon says, somehow blushing even in a costume. 

Bonus Clue:

The Raccoon's painting appears to be a crayon drawing, and features The Raccoon surrounded by stars and bats.

"I love raccoons anyway, because they're so mischievous and they just crawl around peoples' backyards," The Raccoon shares. "Try to catch one, go ahead! Grab its tail. See what happens."

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin thinks it could be Tony Danza.

Nicole suggests Sylvester Stallone.

Jenny thinks it could be Jon Voight.

The Raccoon then sings a little more, asking for Jenny's love, and it's hilariously awkward.

The Raccoon -- NEW CLUES!!

5:13 PM:

The Raccoon:

- Says, "My last performance was a thrill like no other. I never had more fun."

- Says he was starstruck by Jenny McCarthy.

- Says, "I actually started out as a fighter. My uncle taught me how to box and I trained harder than anyone. Then one day I became a champion."

- We see a hand-press coffee grinder.

- Says that he retired his gloves but then, decades later, he "was asked to train a Hollywood leading man."

- Says, "Soon, I wasn't just training the leading man, I was the leading man."

- We see him standing up in the sunroof of a limo as he says, "I had no business being a big Hollywood movie star. But hey, no one's stopping me!"

Cluedle-Doo's Extra Clue

5:10 PM:

The mysterious clue-giving Rooster (WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHOW?) gives us an extra hint at The Russian Dolls' alter egos.

He then screens "backstage footage" of one of the dolls explaining to someone, "I think they're really enjoying the spectacle of The Dolls and the game of 'How many of are there?" Then another Doll says, "Wait till they meet our fourth member."

The third Doll says, "Wait, we have a fourth member?"

I'm fairly confident that this is all a misdirect, because it's so obviously Hanson.

Panelists Make Their Guesses on The Russian Dolls

5:09 PM:

This week, the extra clue is kind of convoluted (although not nearly as convoluted as they have been in the past), and each of the contestants have painted self-portraits to clue people in on their identity.

For The Russian Dolls, their group self-portrait appears to be in the style of Andy Warhol, and one of the Dolls explains, "These colors just really pop, like we do."

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny thinks it could be Lady A.

Robin suggests it could be the band Sugarland (even though Sugarland is a duo).

Joel says it could be Boyz II Men.

Ken thinks it could be members of the Jackson Five.

The Russian Dolls Are a Wonder

5:07 PM:

Ken and Nicole point out that, this week, the Russian Dolls look a little different, as they both seem to be in costumes of equal size. Its hard to tell if this is just because the Bigger and Smaller dolls from the premiere were all part of the whole reveal that they are a duo?

Anyway, they are fantastic, and the pair belt out a simple and beautiful rendition of "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes. This actually might reveal quite a bit, as the show released a tease before the season started showing them performing "Shallow" and so it's unlikely they'll be going home.

Their voices are the first surprise of the performance, but then everything is really flipped on its head when a THIRD Russian Doll comes out from the wings, and it looks like Nicole and Jenny might faint. This also basically confirms that they are the Hanson brothers, but that's fine.

"Oh my god!" Nicole marvels. "That's what I'm talking about! Some real, major vocals going on right there."

"I'm blown away," Robin says, adding that he was impressed with all three voices in the trio.

Russian Dolls -- NEW CLUES!!

5:05 PM:

Russian Dolls:

- Says, "Kicking off season 5 was a total rush!"

- There's a baby crib in the background during part of the clue package, with a mobile featuring three planets of the solar system.

- Says, "We totally confused the panel with our harmonies."

- In the living room where the clue package takes place, we see a toy horse on a desk and a banjo with three strings.

- Says, "We haven't always been in unison."

- We see wooden letter blocks that spell out "Help" -- the H-L-P are in red, the E is on it's side and in blue.

- The bigger Russian Doll says he was "Doing what I love, when I noticed something was seriously wrong with me." Then there's the sound of hospital monitors that track vitals.

- He says, "I was rushed to the hospital and there was no guarantee I would ever be the same."

- We see a toy Fire & Rescue fire truck.

- We see a red Letterman Jacket with the letter 'M' on the front.

- The Big Doll says, "If it weren't for the glue that bonds us, I may not have survived," while the Little Doll adds, "That and a very talented doctor."

- The Big Doll says, "The trauma actually made us stronger, and now we don't take anything that we do together for granted."

- The Small Doll is holding a big lollipop with the word "Berry" on the side.

Joel McHale Is Back!

5:03 PM:

Ken's bestie, the show's "honorary fifth panelist," is back, and he's sporting some serious scruff! Having Joel on board always makes for a fun night.

Niecy Nash Stuns

5:02 PM:

The guest host looks fantastic in a white lace ensemble, and she joked about how she "poured all of my quarantine curves into a jumpsuit" so she could keep up with the stylish contestants and panelists.

Tension In the Air

5:01 PM:

This week is seemingly amping up the suspense. The episode kicks off with The Raccoon being stalked by a shadowy figure, who goes on to stalk the Robopine, the Russian Dolls and The Seashell.

As it turns out, the whole thing is a tease for the mysterious Wild Card character.

It looks like it's going to be either an Orca or a Shark, but I guess we'll just have to find out.

In the meantime, if you're trying to crack the mystery of the costumed contestants like the rest of America, check out our running list of spoilers, hints and best guesses, where we break down all the clue packages and make wild (surprisingly accurate) predictions about the singers' secret identities.

Check out the video below to hear more about the wild and unexpected unmaskings that have already rocked the fifth season of Masked Singer.


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