'The Masked Singer' Week 7 Brings Huge Performances, Big Clues and Two Unmaskings!

The Masked Singer
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The Masked Singer returned on Wednesday for the long-awaited Super 8 showdown! ET is following along throughout the entire jam-packed two-hour episode to break down the night's biggest moments and most enticing clues!

Tonight, fans are seeing some show-stopping performances from The Piglet, Robopine, The Seashell, The Yeti, The Russian Doll(s), The Crab, The Chameleon and The Black Swan -- and will also be saying goodbye to not one, but two contestants at the end of the spectacular.

Before the double unmasking, America's favorite panel of celebrity "detectives" -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest panelist Rita Wilson -- will try their best to guess the singers' secret identities, as viewers at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can watch and follow along as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season 5!

Who's Under the Mask?

7:00 PM:

Nicole is spot-on! The Seashell is Tamera Mowry!

"I know each and every one of y'all!" she exclaims after unmasking.

Tamera adds, "I haven't been on a stage like this singing - in over 20 years... so to have made it just this far means a lot [and] I've had so much fun!"

Tamera closes out the show with an unmasked performance of the Tiffany tune and, like the first time, she absolutely slays.

Now the so-called Spicy 6 showdown is going to be a real wild night of singing. I cannot wait!

First Impressions and Final Guesses

6:56 PM:

Ken's First Impression: Kristin Chenoweth
Ken's Final Guess: Sarah Silverman

Nicole's First Impression: Hilary Duff
Nicole's Final Guess: Tamera Mowry

Jenny's First Impression: Vanessa Hudgens
Jenny's Final Guess: Vanessa Hudgens

Ken's First Impression: Ashley Judd
Ken's Final Guess: Haylie Duff

Rita's Final Guess: Scout Willis

And the Second Singer Going Home Is...

6:53 PM:

Somehow, and I don't understand how, The Seashell is the second contestant to get the axe this week.

Her Tiffany cover was one of the highlights of the evening, so this isn't something that makes a lot of sense really. But she is one of the few contestants this season that I don't think I've really deduced, so this will be exciting! 

Who's Under the Mask?

6:50 PM:

Wow! Jenny and Ken are still tied, 2 to 2, because their first impression guesses and final guesses are both right this time around!

The Crab is none other than Bobby Brown!

The singer doesn't shy away from talking about the recent tragedies he's dealt with, and how they shaped his decision to be a part of the show.

"As everybody knows, I lost my two children. I lost my daughter Bobbi Kristina, and I lost my son just recently, Bobby Jr. And, um, they were a part of everything that I do this for. I do this for my kids," Bobby shares. "I just felt it was essential that I come out here and do it for my little ones... to let them see that their dad is still, you know, kicking."

Bobby then leads us into the commercial break with an unmasked encore of his Phil Collins tune.

First Impressions and Final Guesses

6:46 PM:

Robin's First Impression: Kool from Kool and the Gang.
Robin's Final Guess: Ray Parker Jr.

Nicole's First Impression: "A member of the Jackson 5."
Nicole:s Final Guess: Keith Sweat.

Ken's First Impression: Bobby Brown
Ken's Final Guess: Bobby Brown

Jenny's First Impression: Bobby Brown
Jenny's Final Guess: Bobby Brown

And the First Singer Going Home Is...

6:44 PM:

The Crab! Truly, this baffles me. The Crab not only delivered an epic cover, be brought so much passion and commitment to his time on the show.

Although I think I also have a pretty good idea of who's under the costume! I can't wait to see if our guesses have been spot-on.

It's Time to Vote!

6:38 PM:

It's that time again, where the audience votes for who they like most, and the contestants with the least amount of votes has to unmask.

Honestly, I have no idea who is going to get the axe after this Super 8 showdown! Most weeks, it's pretty clear who should be trimmed out, but all the characters absolutely brought their A-games this week, and I think it's going to be a really tough call all around.

As usual, we'll have to wait until after the commercial to find out who's going home first.

The Black Swan Breaks Out of the Music Box

6:36 PM:

From the start, The Black Swan's performance this week feels magical. She starts things off in centerstage, twirling slowly to some gentle notes like a ballerina figure in an old timey wind-up music box. She's even got a wind-up key in her back to complete the illusion.

From a vocal standpoint, this number is also something special from the very first moments. She infuses so much passion and grace, blending delicate qualities with big, booming powerhouse talent in her over of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon."

"There's not too many people in entertainment who could do what Black Swan just did," Nick shares.

"That's a real musician right there," Nicole says, adding that she was "transfixed in a trance by those vocals."

Bonus Clue:

Black Swan's food order is revealed to be a big jar of goldfish crackers.

"This was my favorite snack as a kid. Me and my mom could just kill these. We could just go though bags of these," Black Swan says, excitedly.

Panelists' Guesses:

Rita thinks it might be Kesha.

Ken guesses Nelly Furtado, or possibly Demi Lovato.

Nicole thinks it could be Becky G, or possibly JoJo!

The Black Swan -- NEW CLUES!!

6:31 PM:

- Says, "I'm always nervous before I sing, but tonight the stage fright really is present.

- Says, "The rush of confidence this mask brings me, I didn't always have that.

- Her clue package takes place in a fancy pink room. 

- There's a white bunny with a sign that reads, "I'm late."

- Says, "Growing  up wasn't easy. It was just me and my mom in a one-bedroom apartment We didn't have much, but she did give me the gift that changed my life: music."

- We see Black Swan playing a vinyl record on an old record player.

- Says, "At night I would sing for her and if felt like my voice had the power to transport us both to another world where we never had to worry."

- There are some garden gnomes.

- We see a glass slipper on a red pillow, and also some big grandfather clocks.

- Says, "When my career took off, I was able to buy my mom her first real home and I still tear up thinking about what that meant for her."

The Seashell Belts an '80s Classic

6:25 PM:

This aquatic-themed contestant might have been saving up her best performance for tonight, because she's taking the Tiffany classic "I Think We're Alone Now" and making it totally unique, original and fantastic.

I still don't know who The Seashell is, but it definitely feels like someone who knows how to own a stage -- which could come from a background in acting or stage. But her voice also gives off real professional vibes. I can't overstate how much fun it is to watch The Seashell just slay time after time.

"Oh my gosh!" Nicole screams. "I haven't heard that song in forever and you sounded amazing. For me, that was your best performance so far!"

Bonus Clue:

Apparently, this bonus food delivery clue is going to be stolen by Cluedle-Doo? Robin and Ken seemed legit annoyed by this new twist. He also cryptically throws out, "Sorry Ken and Jenny."

"This show gets weirder and weirder every episode," Nick says with a laugh.

"I will say this," Seashell offers, "That chicken better watch out, because I know how to make some good fried chicken."

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken thinks it could be Sarah Silverman.

Nicole suggests it could be Tamera Mowry.

Rita thinks it might be Scout Willis.

After the panel's guesses, Cluedle-Doo reveals the food clue to viewers backstage, and it's red and white grapes (for whatever that might mean).

The Seashell -- NEW CLUES!!

6:19 PM:

The Seashell:

- Speaking with Nick before the clue package and says, "I'm trying to remind myself that it's OK not to be perfect, but to just have fun."

-  Her clue package is designed to look like a news broadcast. She's got a mic, and there's a lower-third graphic that reads "Seashells sold by the shore for $119."

- Says, "This just in, after my last performance, I feel like you're finally getting to see me for who I am."

- Says she always felt "vulnerable" being on stage, and that she will "always remember the exact moment I had to go live on TV for the first time with no rehearsal. I thought it was going to be a natural disaster, but it was actually freeing."

- We see a Christmas tree with purple and yellow ornaments

- Says, "Being under pressure is what I needed to let loose," while pressing the plunger on a TNT detonator.

- We see a box of "Shell Scout Cookies"

- We see a roast chicken sitting on a news desk.

- Says, "I've gone from a nervous wreck to a confident, shining, singing shell."

- We see a TV screen displaying an image of lemon Jell-O.

There's Something In the Air for Crab's Number

6:13 PM:

The Crab has so much personality, pain, emotion and gravitas in his voice, it's incredible!

This week, he's delivering a rendition of "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, and while it could have been an opportunity to deliver another somber tune, he makes it all his own with a wild, fun and fiery rendition with real passion.

"The word that I would use for you are authentic, relatable," Jenny shares. "Because there are a lot of artists who can sing, but there aren't a lot who can really make you feel."

Bonus Clue:

The Crab's food delivery order is a big plate of marshmallows.

"I love marshmallows, and my kids love them even more than me. We love to make 'smores together by the fire," The Crab says.

Panelists Guesses:

Robin thinks it could be Ray Parker Jr.

Robin suggests Flavor Flav.

Nicole guesses Keith Sweat.

The Crab -- NEW CLUES!!

6:08 PM:

The Crab:

- Says he had to run off stage after his last performance  because he got claustrophobic.

- Says the panic attack took him back to childhood, when he had a panic attack during a talent show.

- There's a sign for the Brooklyn Bridge Elementary, featuring a crescent moon and a pair of red sneakers.

- We see him playing the fiddle at the talent show.

-  Says he thought people were booing him, but they were really cheering for him, and he eventually won.

- Says, "Soon I was doing talent shows every chance I got."

- We see a giant Jack of Clubs.

The Russian Dolls Are Pure Magic

6:02 PM:

The Russian dolls are showing off their range with a performance of "24k Magic by Bruno Mars" and it's a perfect showcase for their harmonies.

The clue package had four dolls, but... since I'm fairly sure it's a trio, I think that might be a misdirect.

What's even more confusing, however, is that there are four Dolls on stage. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean all four are actually part of the performance. We can't actually tell who is singing, and who is just a prop to throw us off!

"That was definitely a golden performance," Nick says

"I think you guys might take this competition," Jenny adds.

Bonus Clue:

The Russian Dolls' delivery order is red jelly beans.

"For a very long time, we have loved jellybeans, as you can see from our figure," one of the Dolls shares.

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it could be the Jonas Brothers.

Nicole thinks it's Hanson. (Finally!)

Rita suggests it might be Boyz II Men.

The Russian Dolls -- NEW CLUES!!

5:56 PM:

The Russian Dolls:

- Says, "You know, we've gotten so much love here, but there was a time when we thought everyone gave up on us."

- We see them all standing on the Statue of Liberty.

- They are also all standing on top of a metal shipping container marked "Made In Milwaukee"

- We see a sign for an apartment for lease on Indiana Ave.

- Says they felt like everyone had given up on them at one point, and said "it was tough to start from zero" and that they "went around in circles."

- Says, "Even a blessing from the King herself was thrown away."

- Says, "But we were resilient. How did we get back on top? Practice, practice, practice."

- They hint that they've sold out Carnegie Hall.

- They are in a Russian tea room drinking from cups marked "Eat" "Pray" and "?"

The Yeti Shares His Lonliness

5:49 PM:

The Yeti is tugging at heartstrings with his number this week! 

The furry behemoth is showing a gentle, more emotional side with a powerful performance of Justin Bieber's recent single "Lonely," and it's shocking how emotional a song can feel even when being sung by a man in a giant fuzzy costume.

His gentle voice serves the song beautifully and there's a lot of weight in the tune, which clearly is hitting the panel right in the feels. Adding into the number, The Yeti is gliding on roller skates, which gives the whole thing an ice skating look, which only adds to the emotional impact of the number.

"Oh man, Yeti. You come out here looking like that, your supposed to make us laugh... but your just pulling on all my heartstrings," Nicole shares, wiping tears from her eyes. "That song was so personal, and was such a vulnerable performance... You've made Masker Singer season 5 so special."

Bonus Clue:

The Yeti's food order is brought out via robot and we learn it's a big plate of glazed pink donuts.

Strangely, there's no verbal clue to back that up.

Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole suggests it could be Todrick Hall.

Ken thinks it might be Justin Timberlake.

Robin thinks it could be Omarion or Mario.

The Yeti -- NEW CLUES!!

5:44 PM:

The Yeti:

- Says, "Yetis may get lonely, but that's when you find self-growth."

- Says, "Many moons ago, I had a once-in-a-lifetime role that created an avalanche of success."

- We see two guys playing ring toss in the snow.

- Says his ego "caused tons of chaos," and his career "all blew up."

- Says, "I blamed everyone else and buried my feelings of failure deep inside my icy core. I tried to forget it ever happened, but I couldn't escape hearing about the wreckage."

- He's holding four white cards with the letters A, B, C, and D.

- He pulls a puppy doll out of a top hat.

- Says when he got another chance in his career, he left his ego behind so he wouldn't blow it again.

- He line dances with two Men in Black, who are rocking New Years Eve party favors.

Cluedle-Doo Drops Big Hints

5:37 PM:

As soon as the guesses are done, Cluedle-Doo comes out, in person this time, to change things up!

"Wow panel, you don't have a clue," he says. "Chameleon, I've very much enjoyed your work on the big screen! I was even rooting for you at the Golden Globes!"

What!!? How... this changes so much stuff.

Then, there is, like, a whole song about Cluedle-Doo, now? I just don't know anymore. They are really going all in on this weird rooster thing.

The Chameleon Is Here to Regulate the Competition

5:36 PM:

For his performance this week, The Chameleon is taking us back to the '90s with a rendition of "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg.

It's a fun performance, made all the more wonderfully strange with the lizard-masked back-up dancers with money-shooting guns and bills raining down like confetti. All in all, this is one of Chameleon's most fun performances yet.

"Your flow is effortless," Ken says.

"I would buy that tonight," Nick says.

Then Rita decides to show off her rap skills and, yeah, that is a thing that just happened.

Bonus Clue:

For the Chameleon's delivery order, we learn that he eats "Fried Bird and Cricket Cake" from a "Cham Meals Ready to Eat" package.

The Chameleon says the clue is in relation to how he "supports all the troops."

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny says it's Machine Gun Kelly.

Ken suggests it might be Kyrie Irving.

Nicole thinks it could be Waka Flocka Flame.

The Chameleon -- NEW CLUES!!

5:30 PM:

The Chameleon:

- Says, "Ever since I was a little Chameleon, I've walked to the beat of my own drum."

- Talks about his "idol" and how he would have "jumped through hoops" to meet. Says he was "the greatest of all time in his arena."

- Says, "When I got older, I got to meet him through a contest I won at a local radio station. It felt like I won the championship. Eventually, I ever worked alongside him. The two of us as a team."

- Says, "Now, I'm lucky to consider him a true friend. My ride or die!"

- We see a guy dressed like a fly carrying a brief case marked #2.

- We see two gazelles locking horns in a framed picture.

- Says, "Tonight, I'm gonna keep it old school and hope to inspire little Chameleons the way he inspired me."

Robopine Is Getting It On

5:23 PM:

If Robopine has a wheelhouse, it has to be singing songs specifically to make Nicole fall in love with him.

This week, his performance of "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye might be the best romantic tune he's sung this far, and Nicole is very clearly feeling it.

Everyone. Every. Single. Person.... is vibing on this performance, and this is the type of number that sticks in people's memories and wins the Golden Mask.

"Oh my god, I can listen to that voice on repeat all night long," Nicole marvels. "You voice is so smooth, you're like deep, dark milky chocolate!"

Bonus Clue:

The Robopine's delivery order is a plate of lobster.

"Off the coast of Costa Rica, me and my family get a lot of fresh water sea diving in Its a family tradition that we kind of pride ourselves on," Robopine says.

Nick claims he "of course" knows who the Robopine is, and says he's a huge fan.

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin suggests it could be Terry Crews.

Ken thinks it might be Aaron Hall.

Nicole thinks it's Jamie Foxx. It's not Jamie Foxx.

Robopine -- NEW CLUES!!

5:17 PM:


- Says, "The panel's reaction last week touched my heart, more than you will ever know."

- Says, "I've actually been struggling with depression lately, so being here has given me some new confidence. Especially when it comes to my voice."

- We see him singing in a shower. He explained that he used to love signing in the shower, but his family would always tell him to shut up, so he "never had the confidence to chase my dreams."

- We see baby toys, including letter blocks with a black cat on one.

- We see him riding a bike down the street, past what appears to be a Greek statue.

- Says, "One summer, I was riding my bike and I stopped by a block party. My neighbor begged me to sing in front of everyone and I was terrified. But, I took the mic, closed my eyes and I just went for it!"

- He explains that it gave him an "amazing sense of release" and that being on the Masked Singer is making him feel that sensation all over again.

Cluedle-Doo's Introduction Is Bizarre

5:16 PM:

After returning from commercial break, the entire show is interrupted by Cluedle-Doo, which the panelists apparently don't know anything about. Even Nick looks legitimately baffled.

"I know all the deep dark secrets of this season's Masked Singers," Cludle-Doo says in a video package that plays over the screens which is supposed to look like the monitors have been hijacked. "Little did you know, I've been dropping special clues all along the way for the audience at home."

"Now, I'm here to make things even harder for you!" he adds, without really explaining what that means.

Food Clues, Apparently?

5:12 PM:

It seems like they are really stretching for their bonus clues --  not that I'm complaining! The weirder the better, if you ask me.

This week, it seems the clues are all based around food delivery? Like, they are going to bring out a special delivery order for each contestant, and the food they have ordered will be a clue to their identity?

The food is brought out by a delivery robot (which really should just exist in real life), and for The Piglet, his food order is cotton candy!

"This classic sweet treat reminds me of one of my very first jobs," Piglet shares.

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny thinks it could be Lance Bass.

Ken suggests it's Chris Pine or Adam Levine.

Rita thinks it might be Payton or Eli Manning.

The Piglet Isn't Just Pretending

5:08 PM:

During his time on the show, Piglet has given us ballads, life-affirming pop, and now we're getting a legit rock star performance!

From the first few notes of his cover of Foo Fighters' "The Pretender," it's clear that Piglet is building up to something big, and he doesn't disappoint. It's a fast, hard-pounding tune that he slays.

We also have to show some love for the adorable, kawaii-inspired pig backup dancers who totally elevate the number to new heights of surreal glory.

"That was amazing!" Jenny declares!

"That's like a inner-rock star right there," Rita adds. "I could imagine you playing the guitar in real life... I loved it."

The Piglet -- NEW CLUES!!

5:06 PM:

The Piglet:

- The clue package takes place on a pirate ship on choppy ocean waters.

- Says, "While you see me as the happy-go-lucky Piglet, my life hasn't always been smooth sailing.

- Says, "Not so many years ago, I was lost. I had given up on my dreams, moved back in with my parents and even broke my finger."

- We see a giant red foam hand holding up a two-fingered peace sign.

- Says, "It was a perfect storm of despair."

- Says, "Then, that Sunday at church, the pastor -- who didn't know me from Adam -- spoke of a vision he had of a man with a broken finger. And I knew it was me. He saw a man sailing a boat towards a terrible storm, doomed, until a higher power turned the boat around, steering the boat to safety."

- We see some sunglasses caught in a fishing net.

- We see a cardboard pine tree air freshener.

- Says, "I was totally freaked out. This was, like, a direct sign from God. So I packed up my stuff and changed course to L.A., to go after the life I always wanted."

- We see a small UFO washed up on shore among the rocks.

- Says, "Now I think everything is a sign. But hey, when it comes to fate, I never want to miss the boat."

We've Got a Guest Panelist!

5:03 PM:

It's  clear from the empty seat in the middle of the panel that we've got a special guest joining the fantastic four.

As it turns out, songstress (and Tom Hanks' wife) Rita Wilson is the guest panelist for the night! What an unexpected choice.

The Super Sized Super 8!

5:01 PM:

Tonight is going to be a truly epic night of competition! The Super 8 have been chosen and are duking it out in a big 2-hour special.

Not only is tonight a jam-packed extravaganza, we're also going to be seeing not one but TWO unmaskings! As Nick puts it in the episode's intro, "Our Super 8 will become the Spicy 6!"

So who's going home tonight? It's legit anyone's guess!

As a quick recap, here's who we'll see belt out tunes this evening: Piglet, Robopine, Seashell, Yeti, Russian Doll(s), Crab, Chameleon and Black Swan!

Also, we're apparently going to see the panel meet Cluedle-Doo for the first time. Is he getting unmasked, or is his role on the show getting bigger?!

In the meantime, if you're trying to crack the mystery of the costumed contestants like the rest of America, check out our running list of spoilers, hints and best guesses, where we break down all the clue packages and make wild (surprisingly accurate) predictions about the singers' secret identities.

Check out the video below to hear more about the wild and unexpected unmaskings that have already rocked the fifth season of The Masked Singer.


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