'The Masked Singer': The Piglet Brings Ken Jeong to Tears With Powerful Finale Performance (Exclusive)

Ken Jeong

The Piglet delivers a lot of emotions during Wednesday's 'Masked Singer' Season 5 finale.

The Piglet is in it to win it! The Masked Singer's season finale kicks off Wednesday night, and the talent is so strong it's bringing the panel to tears.

In this exclusive clip from the big episode, the porcine performer shows off his powerful pipes and panelist Ken Jeong finds himself deeply moved by the number.

"I try not to get emotional watching, but, wow. You peaked at the right time, Piglet," Jeong shares. "That was the strongest performance I've seen you do. That was amazing, I'm speechless."

"I think they saved the best for last," Jenny McCarthy adds. "I can absolutely see you taking home the Golden Mask."

The Piglet himself gets emotional when host Nick Cannon asks what his Masked Singer journey has meat to him.

"What this show has done for me is once again remind me how much I love music. And how much we all need music right now as something that can lift our spirits," Piglet shared. "I've been honored to be part of such an incredible journey as this one."

Fans can see what song The Piglet sang that hit Jeong right in the feels when The Masked Singer season 5 finale -- featuring guest panelist LeAnn Rimes -- kicks off Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.