'The Office' Star Kate Flannery's 'DWTS' Rehearsal Diaries Are Wildly Inspiring Comedy Gold!

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Kate Flannery is already one of our favorite contestants on this upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, and the show hasn't even kicked off yet.

The hilarious and charming star of The Office has decided to document her DWTS journey in a series of rehearsal diary entries posted to her Instagram, and they've proven to be both incredibly funny and quirky, while also being legitimately inspiring and motivational.

Flannery, 55, recorded a video for her first entry, and took to Instagram on Aug. 28 to share a look inside her first day gearing up for Season 28.

"I'm really nervous and I feel old and creaky. And chubby. All the things I didn't think I would want to feel before I started this," Flannery said in the clip, recorded in her car on the way to the rehearsal space. "But here we are! Day 1, baby!"

"I'm just a little hung over," she then added with a laugh as the video ended.

Flannery's caption emphasized her message of the importance of motivating yourself and trying new things.

"Day 1 #dwts @dancingabc if there’s something difficult that you want to do in your life I’m on your side," she wrote. "It’s hard to push yourself after a certain age so consider me your support system! #voteearlyvoteoften #justalittlehungover."

She shared a snapshot of herself in the dance studio for her next installment in her rehearsal diary.

"Day number 2. #dwts @dancingabc and feeling like number 2. #keeponkeepingon," Flannery wrote.

For her third day of rehearsals, Flannery shared a photo of her feet, writing, "Day 3 #dwts @dancingabc I got a cramp in my left leg but I’m still here. . Self doubt blows. But I’m not quitting."

The pain seemed to continue on Day 4, when she got a cramp and explained to her followers what she's going to heal and keep going.

"Day 4 #DWTS @dancingabc I danced for 4 hours but I am walking with a limp today I have a knot in my calf. #gettinghelp #epsomsalt #notgivingupbutnervous

Things seemed to round a corner for the comedian on Day 5, last Sunday, when she shared a beaming snapshot of herself on a sidewalk in a dance pose.

"Day 5 #dwts @dancingabc it’s an amazing day! Cuz I’m feeling better. Onward!! This process is insane and magical. #saynotodrugs #highonlife #sosuckit"

After taking Labor Day off, Flannery returned to rehearsals on Tuesday and kept the motivation train chugging along with a video of herself on her drive to the studio while eating an apple because she's "gotta cut down on the candy bars" to get fit for the show.

"1st day of week 2! If I can do it so can you," Flannery captioned the clip. "Change happens one day at a time. And in 28 days you have a new habit."

Flannery will be joining fellow DWTS contestants Lauren Alaina, Christie Brinkley, Ally Brooke, Hannah Brown, Karamo Brown, Ray Lewis, Kel Mitchell, Lamar Odom, Sean Spicer, James Van Der Beek and Mary Wilson.

Unlike previous seasons, the celeb-pro pairings aren't going to be revealed until the season 28 premiere, which kicks off Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Check out the video below for more on this season's big cast, and some of the exciting changes -- both in terms of the ballroom and the show's format -- that fans can expect to see this time around.


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