'The Real Housewives of Miami' Season 5 Reunion Trailer Is Here

The ladies of season 5 sit down with Andy Cohen to rehash the drama on March 9.

The Real Housewives of Miami reunion is promising shots -- and shouting! 

Andy Cohen sat down with the ladies -- Guerdy Abraira, Lisa Hochstein, Julia Lemigova, Dr. Nicole Martin, Alexia Nepola, and Larsa Pippen -- to talk about the explosive fifth season of the Peacock original. 

Things start off with a round of shots before Larsa's relationship with Marcus Jordan, Martina Navratilova's cancer diagnosis, and Dr. Lenny Hochstein's cheating allegations are brought up. And Andy cracks as the women don't allow him to get a word in while they're fighting. 

The women all question their sisterhood and loyalty as a mysterious letter appears on set, written to Adriana de Moura, accusing friend Marysol Patton of abuse. 

"Dear Adriana, I'm writing to tell you, I'm being abused," Andy reads. "The culprit of this abuse is Marysol."

The ladies are also joined by Kiki Barth. 

Season 5 of the franchise has brought a series of ups and downs, as the women took on divorce, public scrutiny about their relationships, health concerns and more. 

Ahead of the season finale, ET spoke with Lisa, who dished about the reunion -- and Andy's outburst.

"It was very long, there was a lot of yelling," Lisa told ET of the all-cast sit-down taped in January. "It was hard to get a word in, Andy was super frustrated. He had to intercept so many on so many occasions during that day, because no one would let anyone else talk."

She continued, "This one was really bad. You know, after filming ended and the last nine months, that was difficult, because no one really knew about these things, and there was a lot of focus on that. And that's hard to relive and talk about. There's things that I don't want out there, but it's too late. Like, people get a hold of these things, and I have to address them."

In a separate interview with ET, Nicole expressed her reaction to Andy shouting at Larsa during taping in January.

"It was impressive," Nicole said of Andy vs. Larsa. "I was like, 'I hope they don't edit that out!' 'Cause you have to think, we film for almost like... I don't know 10, 12 hours? We start at 8:00 in the morning, we finished at 8:00 at night, and this gets cut down to be three hours. So, I was like, I hope he doesn't edit out his yelling at her because, in my mind, it was well deserved."

The Real Housewives of Miami three-part reunion streams exclusively on Peacock March 9.