The Skinny Confidential Founder Lauryn Bosstick Shares Why You Should Shave Your Face and Meditate

Lauryn Bosstick
Courtesy of The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential founder Lauryn Bosstick shares why she wants to break the taboo about women shaving their faces with ET.

Lauryn Bosstick, creator and CEO of The Skinny Confidential, is an expert on all things beauty and wellness.

The blogger has been sharing advice on skincare, healthy habits, relationships, parenting and more with her podcast subscribers and 1 million Instagram followers for 13 years, and now, she's spilling her top tips with ET. 

"The Skinny Confidential concept was developed when I was in college, bartending, teaching Pure Barre and Pilates and broke. I joined a sorority, but when they told me the fees, there was no way I could pay $800 a semester for community.

I saw this space for creating an online sorority. ... I wanted to create a place where women from all over the world could share their tips and tricks," the entrepreneur says.

Courtesy of The Skinny Confidential

Since then, Bosstick has become a two-time best-selling author, blog.doo co-founder, podcast host with her husband and founder of Dear Media, Michael Bosstick, mom, and beauty brand founder featuring preventative tools and products to help with de-puffing, de-bloating, and anti-aging.

Her top tip at the moment: "I'm really trying to break the taboo about women shaving their faces. Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Elizabeth Taylor all did it, and it’s one of the best tips out there. Shaving your face will get rid of unwanted hairs and peach fuzz, give you a light exfoliation and your makeup will go on like a dream. It gives you the dewiest glow and once you start you’ll never look back," the social media star explains. 

Beyond face-shaving, the influencer makes sure to carve out time for a full self-care regimen, which includes a mind, body and soul approach. 

"I do a lot of ice baths, sauna, ice roll every morning, practice yoga, weight train, spend a lot of my time reading, learning and listening, take my specific supplements, keep my space as zen as possible, have a detailed morning routine, and eat healthy foods like hemp seeds, fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, fermented sourdough and nuts," she dishes. 

The Skinny Confidential

Meditating and getting a good night's sleep have also been game-changers for Bosstick. 

"Last year, if you told me I would spend 30 minutes a day meditating, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Now my body craves it and it’s a non-negotiable first thing in the morning. It has helped me with focus, clarity, business, anxiety, and just set the tone of my day with calmness," she says.

"I also go to bed pretty early and I like to make the whole thing a ritual. I’ll have a eucalyptus shower, put on a salt rock night light, turn the red lights on in the bedroom, put my phone in the other room, do a skincare routine, read a book and make sure I get at least eight hours of sleep," the wellness guru adds.