'The Valley' Producers Intervene When Jesse Lally Gets Physical With His Castmates

Jesse Lally pushed Zack Wickham and Brittany Cartwright amid a fight with Kristen Doute.

Jesse Lally reached his boiling point on the latest episode of The Valley. Throughout Tuesday's episode of the Vanderpump Rules spinoff, Jesse and his wife, Michelle Lally, continued to grapple with their ongoing marital woes.

Everything came to a head at Jax Taylor's event, just hours after Jesse realized that his "marriage might be over." While Jesse didn't tell Michelle why he was in a bad mood, she and the rest of his pals were quick to realize as much.

When Jesse slammed the dinner table in frustration, Kristen Doute called it "abusive" and stormed out of the room. Off-camera, Kristen told a producer how she was protecting Michelle by keeping a secret, insisting, "I don't want to out their whole f**king marriage and everything I know about it."

Jesse soon left the room too and joined Kristen and a producer in the hallway. When he caught on to the conversation, Jesse threatened Kristen, telling her, "If you bring out any skeletons that I don't already know about my wife I will f**king bury you." 

After Jesse called Kristen "irrelevant," her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, soon went to investigate the yelling, as did Michelle. Luke put his hands on a screaming Jesse to keep him away from Kristen, prompting Michelle to come to her husband's defense.

Kristen continued to insist that she was protecting Michelle, but she wasn't buying it, yelling, "Do you know what you have done to my marriage and my life and my daughter? Look what you are doing to us!"

"If you get involved in my family, I will bury you," Jesse chimed in.

When Kristen claimed that she'd heard Jesse was planning to divorce Michelle in two months, Jesse denied as much and told Luke, "You better get her in check."

"Your problem's with your wife," Luke screamed. "Talk to your wife!"

With that, Jesse charged, questioning, "What the f**k did you just say to me?" as he pushed past Zack Wickham, holding him by the neck and causing him to fall to the ground. 

Producers swarmed after that, but Jesse continued to push through the crowd, this time knocking over Brittany Cartwright.

As for Kristen and Luke, they cleared out of the hallway, venting about Jesse and Michelle.

"They literally are both trash. Jesse's clearly a narcissistic a**hole. And she won't even have a conversation with him," Luke fumed. "It's clearly both of them. Neither of them are all in by any means."

Kristen agreed, before finally letting her long-held secret slip, as she claimed, "She had a f**king boyfriend for a year. There, we all said it. Now she's protecting him and not me."

In a confessional, Kristen further explained, "About a year ago, Michelle and Jesse were very unhappy. Michelle had a guy. She was seeing him. They were hanging out. I was not against any of this, because I think Jesse's a piece of s**t." 

When ET spoke to The Valley cast ahead of the show's premiere, Jesse recalled the face-off.

"I literally was on the way to the bathroom," he said. "As Kristen does, she pushed some buttons that you don't push on an East Coast kid from Boston... I gave her a little East Coast love. That's what I'll say."

The Valley airs Tuesdays on Bravo.