'The Voice': Niall Horan's Fellow Coaches Complain About Him Winning All the One Direction Fans

Niall's fellow 'Voice' coaches are struggling to win singers who used to be One Direction fans!

Niall Horan's fellow coaches on The Voice are having a hard time landing singers who used to be One Direction fans!

Following Laura Williams' Blind Audition on Tuesday, Reba McEntire and John Legend were bemoaning the fact that Niall had won the four-chair turn singer to his team -- a not-so-surprising trend among a certain type of competitor.

"Dang boy bands!" Reba cursed.

"It reminds me of when Nick Jonas was on the show," John agreed. "He had a certain pull with a certain generation of girls."

Laura did, in fact, admit to being a 1D fan as she spoke to the coaches.

"I saw you back in 2015!" she gushed to her future coach. "Did you see me up there in the nosebleeds?"

Later, to the cameras, John lamented, "I loved Laura's performance, and I'm very upset that she's a Directioner."

"Niall's been a thorn in my side all season," he added, "and I have no chance against him with these girls."

When ET spoke with the coaches ahead of the season premiere, first-time coach Reba said that Gwen, Niall and John have welcomed her to the show "warmly, like a sister." However, she noted that the friendly vibes go away when it's time to get down to business.

"They've helped me, they've guided me and taught me, and then after I learned up to that point, then they say, 'You're on your own,'" she recalled.

"We still want to beat her," John agreed with a laugh. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.