'The Walking Dead': Lauren Cohan Says There Have Been 'Conversations' About a Maggie Spinoff


Maggie left the series alive early in the show's ninth season, leaving her an opening to return.

Maggie followed Rick off The Walking Dead -- but could Lauren Cohan also be following Andrew Lincoln with a series of TWD spinoff movies

It's a possibility, Lauren Cohen told reporters at ABC's Television Critics Association winter press tour on Tuesday. "There may have been some conversations," she teased. "But everything is so early-days, ambiguous. We’ll have to see what happens."

The 37-year-old actress was at the event to promote her new ABC dramedy, Whiskey Cavalier. She signed onto the series after contract discussions with AMC, which led to her character, Maggie Rhee, having limited screen time on The Walking Dead's ninth season. 

“I don’t think it was bad," Cohan said of negotiations to stay on TWD, where she had been a series regular since season two. “I’ve done the show for a long time, so it was a long time to be in any character."

“Sometimes, you just get quiet and listen to your inner guidance and [decide] it’s time to multitask," she added. 


Multitasking could be a possibility for Cohan, as TWD left Maggie alive in her last episode, which aired on Nov. 4 -- the same day AMC announced Lincoln's three upcoming feature-length movies in the Walking Dead universe. In addition to the series of spinoff films, it's also a possibility that Cohan could return to The Walking Dead, which was just renewed for a tenth season

"Lauren is pursuing some other wonderful opportunities, but we are very committed to try to tell our stories with Maggie, and Lauren is excited about that as well," showrunner Angela Kang told ET in November. "That’s all just stuff that takes some things and time to be worked out."

"We have a very clear idea of where Maggie is in the universe and what she’s doing and have some stuff brewing in our minds in terms of what the next story would be that we’d tell, so hopefully that all works out. We’re really excited, and we’re so privileged to have her for these five episodes this season because I think she just did absolutely stellar work," she added. 

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