'The Wendy Williams Show' Is Taken Down From YouTube, Fans React

After the long-running daytime talk show disappeared from YouTube, there were a lot of strong feelings about the removal.

The Wendy Williams Show came to an end after 13 years last month, and now fans are reeling from another ending, of sorts. It appears that the show's entire presence on YouTube has been taken down.

As Variety first reported on Monday, The Wendy Williams Show's YouTube page appears to have disappeared and searching for videos on the platform yields no official clips from the show. The show's websites appear to also have been disabled.

This means that 13 years worth of clips, videos and moments may be totally unavailable and inaccessible to fans, and they have taken notice.

"The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel being deleted on the 4th of July is almost fitting. It’s the last straw of the current downfall of America," one Twitter user wrote. "I’m in shambles."

"I watched The Wendy Williams show every weekday morning while I was battling depression, and I could always count on her to give me a good laugh! I love her," another user wrote. "It's sad that her legacy has come to this...🥺"

The flurry of outrage hit fast and hard, with fans running the gamut from anger to sadness to disbelief.

While some hyperbolic reactions were inevitable, very few commenters appreciated the move, and a there was a great deal of blame or suspicion directed toward Sherri Shephard, who's own daytime talk show, Sherri, is set to debut in September.

A source told ET late last month that the 57-year-old media personality "is OK with everything that has happened up until this point with the show."

The source also said Williams is "extremely happy and focused on new beginnings and being in the most amazing position in life."

As for why she feels she's in the most amazing position in life, the source tells ET that Williams "knows that, right now, she doesn't have to work another day in her life if she doesn't choose to."

Right now, Williams is "looking forward to starting new chapters in her life by diving into new business endeavors, investing, continuing on her health journey, her family and other big deals that come in daily," the source said, adding that the former talk show host "wants to fall in love and knows that’s exactly what she deserves after dedicating 37 years of her life to radio and television."