'This Is Us': 'Her' Mystery Is Tied to the 'End of the Series,' Susan Kelechi Watson Says

This Is Us

The actress may have revealed a big hint about the end of the series.

Is the "her" mystery tied to the end of This Is Us?

According to series star Susan Kelechi Watson, the resolution to the "her" mystery, which was introduced in the sophomore finale via a flash forward, is somehow connected to the very end of the series -- not season. While clues have been doled out during the current third season, the most revealing being the identity of who "her" is, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), the context surrounding her possibly ominous situation remains unclear.

"We answered some of it at the end of the fall finale, so the clues are going to be dropped in the same way," Watson told a handful of reporters, including ET, at NBC's Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday. "But according to when -- at what point -- I think this is something that we really see at the end of the series."

The fact that the "her" mystery is possibly tied to the series finale -- parts of which have already been filmed -- is interesting in itself, as it had been presumed that the resolution to the looming question would be addressed by the end of the current season. Before it had been revealed that it was Rebecca, popular theories included Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Beth (Watson). As the series progresses, it's become increasingly clear that the flash forwards may, in fact, be the destination to which This Is Us is ultimately marching toward.

"We're always conscious of towing the line between frustrating people and keeping people excited and peeling back the layers of this family. That's one we're being really careful in calibrating it. It's something we are going to answer sooner than later," co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker told ET in September. "This isn't a grand three-year-long thing to find out who 'her' is and we're going to be slowly revisiting the future at pointed moments throughout this year, getting to where Randall and Tess are headed."

Sterling K. Brown said whatever comes out of the "her" mystery will significantly impact the Pearson family. 

"There is no relief because somebody is in trouble and it's somebody, who as a Pearson you love and care for, so there's no relief in it. But I like to see people guess and try to figure it out who it is because it delights me to keep people in surprise," Brown told ET in September. "One of the reasons why you see Randall and Tess in the future is because of something that happened in the past."

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