‘This Is Us’ Young Kevins React to Filming the Show’s Series Finale (Exclusive)

Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates exclusively spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima about filming the ending.

It looks like all generations of Kevin Pearson will be represented in the series finale of This Is Us. Now that several cast members have admitted to filming the ending of the beloved NBC family drama, ET’s Lauren Zima decided to ask co-stars Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates, who play two generations of Kevin, about the experience.

“It’s gonna be [This Is Us creator] Dan Fogelman fashion with a serious, great ending,” Shroyer told ET on Sunday at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards.

Admitting he does know what happens in the show’s finale, Shroyer noted that the knowledge is “a little scary.”

“You’re like, ‘How are we going to go from here to here?’” he noted. “I was really shocked. I was really shocked. I can say that.”

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The young actor added that there was extra pressure put on his acting in the scene, knowing that he’d be seeing it in the years to come.

“It was weird because you would think that you would do it at the end and you would be like, ‘This is it,’” he added. “But I was also like, ‘This better be some good acting’ because I’m going to have to look at this in however long.”

His younger counterpart, Bates, mirrored the sentiment, saying, “I was really surprised and I didn’t really know what was going on. So I was like, ‘What are we doing? I’m confused’… I was really surprised about how the scene was set up and all that. I cannot say anything of that because I’m sworn to secrecy.”

The cast is currently gearing up for season three of the hit show, but don’t expect any spoilers.

“I can’t say anything, unfortunately. It’s going to be good, though,” Shroyer said. “I can promise that the writing is staying strong, actors are staying strong, crew’s great. So it should be in a This Is Us-fashion -- heartbreaking and funny.”

This Is Us star Mandy Moore recently opened up to ET about filming the show’s series finale. Watch the clip below for more:


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