Thomas Rhett Shares Update as He and Wife Lauren Akins Await Baby No. 4 (Exclusive)

Thomas Rhett spoke to ET about his daughter's love for music, his ongoing tour and his fourth child, due in November.

It looks like Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins may have a little musician on their hands. Thomas Rhett spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura about his daughter Willa Gray's love for music, life on the road with his Center Point Road Tour and baby no. 4, another daughter, due in November.

"Every time I go to my studio, she just watches me walk downstairs. She was like, 'Are you going to your studio? 'I’m like, 'Yeah, you wanna come?' She’s like, 'Yeah,' and we'll just go down there and make beats together and I'll play the guitar, and I'll just hand her the microphone and she'll just freestyle. It's unbelievable," Thomas Rhett said of Willa's interest in music.

The "Country Again" singer shared some of Willa's music to Instagram, and while he's ecstatic about his little songstress' love for his craft, he's hoping his other children fall in love with it too.

"I want them to fall in love with music. I’m not trying to convince any of them to do what I do for a living, but I do think that if I can impart any wisdom on the classics or even just knowing how to craft a song, I think it's just a really neat trait to possess in life," Thomas Rhett shared. "And if they love it naturally, they got dad here to somewhat help them coach that."

"It's been a blast. I love getting to watch them enjoy something that I enjoy as well, so it'll be cool to watch them get older and see what they like," he continued.

Their family of five is growing by one in November, with another baby girl on the way for Thomas Rhett and Lauren. With just a few weeks to go until their daughter is here, Thomas Rhett told ET that he and his wife are ready for her to get here already.

"She's okay. Lauren has, her pregnancies every time, like ,she's just nauseous a lot, but she's such a trooper and such a fighter and such a champion," he said. "And we're just getting really close to the point of like 'I just wish we could have it today.' So, I guess 6 more weeks and we'll be ready to rock."

As far as a name for baby no. 4, the couple have a few picked out, with Georgia being a top contender.

"This has been hard, just because you put so much thought in the first one, and second one and the third, and you're like, 'Well we have to spend a lot of time on this one as well.' And so we've gone back and forth and thinking about state names, thinking about flower names, thinking about places that we love, could that resonate into a name? So we've landed on a couple," the country superstar revealed.

"Georgia is my first choice, I love the name Georgia for a girl," he added.

His growing family isn't the only thing keeping him busy. Thomas Rhett has been on the road with The Center Point Road Tour, which wraps up Oct. 9, giving him and his family just enough time to get settled before their newest addition arrives. And while Thomas Rhett has plenty to juggle, he told ET that being back on tour after a year and a half just "feels so good."

"[It] feels so good. We got a little taste in May. Did a few shows in Texas, and really got after it about 5 weeks ago. And we've been doing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays up until then, and it's just been a blast," Thomas Rhett said of performing for a live audience again. "I don't think I knew how much I missed it. But when you're off the road for a year and a half, you come back with a different kind of energy, and so do the people that are coming to the shows. So it's like this whole 100% and 100% just going at each other, like, the whole night. It's just been a blast."

And being away for all that time has forced Thomas Rhett to "100%" soak it all in a bit more too.

"We've been doing this for 11 years, and when you're forced out of it, it kind of makes you sit back and you go, Gosh, man I was born to do this,' you know? And this year, we've gotten back out, me and the band just have a different appreciation for each other, a different appreciation for our musicality, the way that we're singing, the way that we're performing, really trying to just bring as much energy as we ever have this year. And we walk off stage every night with giant smiles on our faces, wishing that it wasn't over," he gushed.

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