'ThursDATE': Matthew Hussey Shares 3 First Date Lines That Slay (Exclusive)

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Ever been stuck on what to say on a first date?

This week on ThursDATE With Matthew Hussey, the relationship and dating expert shares three perfect and charming lines that you can use to amplify the attraction. It's not easy putting yourself out there, and when you find that one person you connect with, you're going to want to keep things moving forward.  

So how do you turn the heat up with someone new? Here's what Hussey says are the best phrases to say to use.

1. "Let's get one."

"Now that may sound a little obscure. I'll give you an example," Hussey says. "I was on a date once. I was in the mall with this person where the person said to me, 'Oh my god, they do amazing macarons here. Let's go get one.'"

"I remember in that moment feeling a sense of relief," he explains. "She was presenting an idea. Something she wanted to do with certainty. That immediately becomes really attractive."

2. "I bet you’d be great to go to [blank] with."

It all starts with a suggestion, Hussey shares, adding that a great way to nab a second date is to bring up the idea of doing something more together.  

"Say to someone, 'I bet you'd be fun to do blank with. For example, let's say someone shows an intellectual quality. You could say, 'I bet you'd be fun to go to a museum with,'" he explains. "The beauty of this is you're paying them a compliment, but you're also giving them a wonderful second date idea to do with you."

3. "This has been fun, but you can’t wear that shirt again. It gives you an unfair advantage."

The last one could be a "bit cheeky," Hussey teases, so "use with caution."

"Create some tension, makes things slightly sexual, so use with caution," he begins. "You say, 'I had an amazing time but you can't wear that shirt again, that gives you an unfair advantage.' That is a wonderful compliment to give to someone that something you wore tonight is really sexy."

Be sure to tune in every Thursday for your dose of dating and relationship advice on ET. For more of Hussey's wisdom -- including tips on who should pay on the first date -- watch the video below.


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