Tia Mowry on If ‘Family Reunion’ Ending Means She’ll Return to ‘The Game’ (Exclusive)

Mowry opened up to ET at EBONY's Power 100 event about the Netflix show ending and what that means for her future on 'The Game.'

Tia Mowry is opening up about the bittersweet ending of her Netflix series Family Reunion. Mowry spoke ET at the 2021 EBONY Power 100 ceremony on Saturday, where she talked about the last season of the series and what's next for her career.

"You know, our pickup was very bittersweet because I mean, I'm very grateful to be picked up. To be able to last 3 seasons on any network is a huge accomplishment, especially Netflix, because the shows usually don’t go past 3 or 4 years, my type of show, comedy with kids, so I'm very, very grateful that we are able to continue to tell our story," Mowry shared. "My character, CoCo, she's pregnant on the show, so it's going to be nice to kind of go through that journey, but then it's a little bitter because it's our last season."

Working with a cast of child stars has taken Mowry back to her days a child actor on Sister, Sister, adding that she's "very protective" of the kids on the show.

Mowry, who was honored at the event, continued, "The kids are so phenomenal, and we will definitely stay in touch. I feel like yes, I am their TV mom, but working with children is always so rewarding to me because they remind me of me when I was a child actor. So, I'm very protective over them, and very nurturing, so we're really gonna make this season the best season."

The show ending opens up the possibility of Mowry returning to her long-running series, The Game. When asked about returning to the role, Mowry said, "never say never."

"You know what's so funny? Never say never. I mean, as it stands for right now, we aren’t in any talks or communication about me coming back to the show," she explained. "I know it seems kind of weird, because I'm like, the only one, but you know, Melanie, I loved playing that character, and if everything works out, and if everything works out the way that it should, then who knows, I might be on the show."

"And I will say this, if you guys want me on the show, continue to press, press, press the network and we'll see," she added.

It looks like Mowry's singing a different tune since first shooting down her appearance on a The Game revival during a TikTok Q&A in August, along with a potential Sister, Sister reboot.

Hopping onto the popular trend featuring Hoàng Read's song, "The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) (Extended Mix)," Mowry revealed that not only will there be no Sister, Sister reboot but she also won't be reprising her role as Melanie "Med School" Davis for the revival of The Game on Paramount+.

Fans have been clamoring for a revival of the '90s comedy series starring Mowry and twin sister Tamera for ages, especially with the wave of reboots and revivals in recent years and Netflix adding the sitcom to the platform in September 2020. 

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