Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph Just Proved They Should Be the 2019 Oscar Hosts

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Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph: Oscar hosts 2019?

The duo lightened the mood at the Academy Awards when they took the stage to present and immediately brought on the laughs at the star-studded Dolby Theatre on Sunday.

Haddish went to her go-to white Alexander McQueen gown for her big Oscar moment while Rudolph slayed in a long-sleeved floor-length red dress, but the two weren't here for their sky-high heels, clutching their designer shoes as they walked walked up to the mic.

"We are so happy to be here but our feet hurt," confessed Haddish, rocking Ugg slippers onstage. "I've been wearing these shoes since 11 o'clock this morning. How long have you been wearing your shoes?" 

"Since the Critics' Choice Awards," Rudolph deadpanned to laughs from the audience, referring the early January awards show.

When Haddish admitted she had blisters "bubbling up" on the bottom of her feet as a result, Rudolph one-upped her. "Girl, my pinky toe fell off," she said, as she showed off her "fallen pinky toe" (fake RIP!) for all to see. Haddish couldn't keep a straight face during the bit.

Haddish and Rudolph moved on to joke about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that dominated the conversation in recent years and had a rather memorable take on the progress that's been made -- or lack thereof -- since then.

"When we came out together, we know some of you were thinking, 'Are the Oscars too black now?'" Haddish quipped, with Rudolph agreeing: "But we just want to say, don't worry, there are so many more white people to come."

"We just came from backstage and there are a ton of them back there. And not just movie stars, there are white people walking around with headsets, white people with clipboards. Now I'm personally not a fan of white people with clipboards because I'm always wondering what are they writing down about me?" Haddish said during their hilarious bit, as she and Rudolph acted out the back-and-forth between them and the aforementioned "white men in clipboards and headsets."

Before they announced the winner for Best Documentary Short Subject, Haddish couldn't help but take the moment to speak directly to Meryl Streep, who was seated in the front row, prompting Rudolph to laugh. 

"Hi Meryl!" the Girls Trip breakout said to the Oscar nominee, waving enthusiastically. "I want you to be my mama! Let's get this money, girl!" 

When they returned to present their second award, Best Documentary Live-Action, the jokes continued. 

"When you peed off a zipline in Girls Trip, it was brilliant," Rudolph said. Haddish had to return the favor to her co-presenter: "Oh my god, Maya, when you took a dookie in the street in Bridesmaids, it changed my life!"

"And look where we are now," Rudolph jokingly replied. "It was all worth it!" Haddish celebrated.

Fans took to Twitter to campaign for Haddish and Rudolph to be next year's Oscar hosts or star in a buddy comedy, and frankly, we're totally in for anything with these two ladies.

Funny enough, a possible team-up between Haddish and Rudolph could come to fruition. Rudolph's longtime partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, hinted that he wants to work with Haddish for a future big-screen project and seemed to allude to the fact that he "absolutely" would be into the idea of having them co-star together.

"That’s a combustible combination, the two of them," Anderson told the Los Angeles Times. "That’s what you dream of as a director. Because you know if you just get your … together and you’re simple and you create a platform, why do you think people look good when they work with Daniel Day-Lewis? Because it’s Daniel Day-Lewis! Writing for them, I feel like you could turn on the faucet and that’ll come out. That would be a great team.”


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