Tiffany Haddish Talks 'Girls Trip 2' and Dinner Parties at Taylor Swift's House

Tiffany Haddish Hollywood Confidential
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Tiffany Haddish has a big reputation -- and Taylor Swift took notice!

The Girls Trip star opens up about everything from her dream stand-up lineup to why "really hot guys" make her nervous in Vogue's latest "73 Questions" segment. In the clip, Haddish, who describes herself as "fun, honest and a hot mess from time to time," also dishes on her recent dinner at Swift's house, where the GRAMMY winner cooked a veritable feast!

"She made some brisket, beef, chicken -- which was delicious -- potato salad, delicious, and some cornbread. It was so good," Haddish recalls. "And I brought the joyful greens."

But that's not the only fellow A-lister the comedy star has been rubbing elbows with lately. Haddish says she was last starstruck while meeting Oprah Winfrey, whom she dubs "like magic," and lists among her dream dinner party guests, along with Michelle Obama and Jesus. As for her quintessential stand-up lineup, Haddish names some all-time greats and current faves: "George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Tony Rock, Marlo Williams and Kevin Hart."

She plays coy on her celeb crush, but admits her ideal love scene partner: Michael B. Jordan. And her dream role? "Wonder Woman's sister."

The 38-year-old performer also shares her unique warmup routine -- "I get in the mirror and I go, 'Baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, child support, child support, child support, child support, child support'—basically I say all the things that I don't want really fast to trick the universe into giving me what I do want" --  and the possibility of a Girls Trip sequel."

"Yeah, I hope so," Haddish says of a follow-up to the 2017 comedy hit. "We've been talking about it."

The actress and comedian recently opened up to ET about her most extravagent splurges since her big breakout moment last year. See what she said in the video below.


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