TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio Teases a Reality Show With Her Family (Exclusive)

Sounds like TikTok queen Charli D'Amelio and her family have something exciting in the works!

Sounds like TikTok queen Charli D'Amelio and her family have something exciting in the works!

ET's Katie Krause recently spoke to 15-year-old Charli -- who's now the most-followed person on TikTok with over 46 million followers -- and she talked about the possibility of a reality show with her family, including her older sister, 18-year-old Dixie, who's also extremely popular on the app.

"I mean, definitely something that would be super fun," Charli tells ET. "For people to kind of see what goes on when we're not just posting TikToks. I feel like no one really gets to see, but, people are always talking about how they think our family dynamic is pretty cool."

The interest from fans is definitely there.

"They love when we go live, so that's super fun," Charli shares. "I mean, it's really whatever helps us showcase what we're really like. Because people only really see us, like, dancing or lip syncing to songs. So, it's really fun. Maybe try some new things."

Charli's parents, Heidi and Marc, as well as Dixie, also spoke with ET, and Marc said "yes" when asked if a project was in the works.

"We're figuring out all that stuff right now," he says. "This has all kinda happened all really quickly. But we think if we're gonna do it, we'll go all in with it. And like Charli said, let everyone get to know us a little bit more closely. So, we're in the process of working it out right now."

As for how Heidi and Marc feel about their daughters becoming celebrities, they're taking it all in stride.

"It's been fun," Heidi shares. "It's a lot more positive than negative which is nice. And just seeing the whole thing happen so quickly, I think that's probably the craziest part of it. ...  And every day is new and different. You know, uncharted waters. We kind of just are rolling with it and just keeping the number one thing close to us, which is our family and being there for each other. And that's the most important thing -- making sure the girls are happy. And all the other stuff is just fun, and extra cool stuff to do. But, it's been interesting for sure."

"We're extremely proud of the milestones, but more importantly in how they handled it," Marc adds. "I mean, it's one thing to become famous. There's a lot of people that get noteriety and influencers, but I think they're a testament of how to handle it properly. Both have done a great job and that's where as parents we're the most proud of."

Later, Charli also talked about her friendship with Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp.

"So, we met through Tik Tok a long time ago, our teams talked and we were like, 'Let's do a collab, that'd be so fun,'" she says. "And we're all very close with the people that we talk to a lot, and he was super super sweet to me when I met him and had so much fun dancing with him and him teaching me acting, so it's just fun. He just made up a dance that went very viral so it was cool to see that and he was like, 'I hang out with Charli one day and I’m a dancer,' so that was super fun to see, but he's really sweet."

Charli is currently encouraging her followers to stay home and practice social distancing to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

"I partnered with P&G to help spread the message that staying home is extremely important, [as is] social distancing and making sure that you're keeping yourself safe as well as everyone else. Only go out when you really, really have to," Charli explains of her new #DistanceDance initiative.

Charli will be teaching the dance on Instagram Live this Friday. She wants fans to post their own version of the #DistanceDance to "spread the message as much as possible."

"Tag me and hashtag 'DistanceDance,' and try to just relay the message as much as you can throughout TikTok," she shares. "And post it to Instagram, Twitter, all that stuff!"

For more with Charli, watch the video below: