Tom Holland Responds After He's Spotted Showing PDA With Mystery Blonde

Tom Holland
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

The A-lister is sharing his reaction to the intense interest in his personal life.

Tom Holland is finally addressing those steamy photos of him with an unnamed woman at a festival in July.

In a new interview with GQ Style, the Spider-Man: Far From Home star explains that the incident was a wake-up call for him and how he handles his private life.

"It's just, I'm a very private person. If you do a Google search, I'm not a tabloid person," he tells the magazine. "I don't like living in the spotlight. I'm quite good at only being in the spotlight when I need to be. …it just was a bit of a shock to the system." 

"It's the first time I've ever kind of been in the tabloids," he continues. "It's the first time something like this has ever really happened to me. So it's a bit of a shock to the system. Um, but you know, but it's something that you look at and you go, 'Oh, well, I just don't put myself in that situation again.'"

The 23-year-old movie star goes on to state that the whole fiasco was "a reflection of a life that I don't live."

When asked if he felt like the scrutiny surrounding his personal life has reached new heights, Holland responds, "Yeah. I was just, 'Whoa, what is going on here?' And it was just a little stressful. You know, it was a wake-up of, like: 'This is what your life is now. So just be wary.'"

Holland also responded to pushback surrounding Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sharing his confidence in Sony.

"I'm not shy about expressing how incredible the last five years have been with Marvel," he wrote to the magazine after news of the split broke. "I've truly had the time of my life, and in so many respects, they have made my dreams come true as an actor." 

"Sony has also been really good to me, and the global success of Spider-Man: Far From Home is a real testament to their support, skill and commitment," he added. "The legacy and future of Spidey rests in Sony's safe hands. I really am nothing but grateful, and I've made friends for life along the way."

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