Tom Sandoval and Ex Ariana Madix Use a 'Middleman' to Communicate While Living in the Same House

Sandoval and Madix bought a home together in 2019, where they both still currently live, despite splitting up last month.

Tom Sandoval is getting real about his living situation with ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix. The Vanderpump Rules star appeared on the latest episode of the Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast, where he explained how he and Madix communicate while living under the same roof, despite ending their nine-year relationship last month.

The pair, who bought the home in 2019, have continued to live there together amid their split, which was announced following news of Sandoval's affair with co-star Raquel Leviss.

"We have a go-between. We text when we're coming and going," Sandoval revealed. "All I do is I go into my room, and then she's in her room. She's downstairs. And then, I'll go into the gym, and I'll be in the gym, and when I'm done with the gym, I'll go back to my room. And then I'll go somewhere else. Sometimes, I stay away, but I always let them know. I've gone out of town a couple times. But it's been OK. Initially it wasn't great, and I had to stay away."

He continued, "I would understand if we had kids, and the kids had to see Mommy and Daddy being weird, but we don't."

The middleman or "go-between," as Sandoval called it, is something he claims Madix wanted to ease communication between the pair while they're both still living in the home.

"He'll text and be like, 'Ariana wants to try and use the gym at six,' and I'll be like, 'Ok, great,'" added Sandoval, who said the middleman "runs" much of the household. 

The living situation is only temporary, however, with the TomTom co-owner noting that he and Madix are planning to list the home in the near future.

"She's really busy right now. She's obviously blowing up, which is great. I'm really happy to see that, and so she's busy doing things. I've been busy as well, trying to get things together," he said of what's being keeping the pair from making a more expedited move with regard to their home.

Sandoval's comments about their unusual living situation come after several of their VPR co-stars, past and present, have discussed Sandoval's alleged unwillingness to leave the L.A. dwelling.

Last week, Lala Kent claimed that Sandoval refused to leave their home, telling listeners on her Give Them Lala podcast, "Sandoval won’t leave the house. I don’t know if he will now, but for a very long time he was like, 'I plan on being here all week and I plan on using every room in the house.'"

Kent claimed that Sandoval has allegedly refused to leave Madix with a "safe" space to mentally "recharge" amid the drama.

Meanwhile, Sandoval's ex, Kristen Doute, shared more on the the pair's living situation in the early days of their breakup on her own podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters, last month.

"He walked in, and he was like, 'Yeah, I know everyone hates me,'" Doute recalled of being at Sandoval and Madix's shared home post-scandal. "And I volunteered myself as tribute and I said, 'I’m going to go upstairs and I'm going to make sure he’s not staying.'"

She continued, "We did go upstairs, and I have to respect that they share that home, legally he's allowed to be at that house. So I reminded everybody that the best thing we can do right now is respect what the laws are."

Despite the ups and downs, Sandoval said that, currently, things are "pretty calm." As for the drama on the show, that's just getting started, with all of Scandoval set to play out as season 10 of Vanderpump Rules continues.

Watch the video below for more on the scandal.