Tori Spelling Focusing on Her Health: Alleged Breakdown Was 'Huge Wake-Up Call,' Source Says (Exclusive)

Tori Spelling is taking time for some much needed self-care, a source tells ET.

Tori Spelling is taking time for some much needed self-care, a source tells ET.

Police were called to Spelling's Woodland Hills, California, home last Thursday after receiving a "mental illness" call, and our source tells ET that the incident served as a "huge wake-up call" for the 44-year-old actress that she needs to focus more on her health.

“Tori was so caught up in the day-to-day life of caring for five children, she didn't take care of herself," the source says. "Tori has a long road ahead, but she is finally realizing she needs to focus on her health and clean up her financial and marital problems. She loves having kids, but they have become her main focus and the stress of that with her marriage, and endless debt, left her no time for herself."

According to our source, Spelling is continuing to work on strengthening her relationship with her husband, Dean, and the couple's friends expect the two to stay together despite their reported issues.

"Tori and Dean sat down and set boundaries using the tools given to them from their longtime therapist," the source says. "They talked about divorce, but have never taken that step. Tori doesn't want to be seen as failing. Her mother was never supportive of her marriage to Dean. Tori always seems to want to prove she made the right decision to marry Dean. They talked about the future and changes that must be made. Their friends believe they will stay together for their kids.”

"For now, Tori and Dean want to put their heads together and figure out their financial situation," the source continues. "Their friends hope that with the many changes they plan to make, in their marriage and brand, that they will thrive again."

Spelling returned to social media last Friday after her alleged breakdown to wish her youngest son, Beau, a happy first birthday. In her Instagram post, she put on a united front with her husband. 

"#BeauBeau1 Happy 1st Birthday!" she wrote. "Did he just say Beau or Birthday? Ha ha... Daddy @imdeanmcdermott and I ❤️??You SO much!!"

A source previously told ET that Spelling had a meltdown in her home last Thursday due to multiple stress factors, chief among them marriage and financial issues.

“She is obsessed with trying to make her relationship with Dean work despite all their issues," the source said. "Her breakdown came after she and Dean had been fighting. She literally was hysterical and, sadly, the kids were home and everyone was scared. ... She is under far too much pressure."

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-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz