Tori Spelling Recalls Her Famous Parents Hosting a Party for Prince Charles in Their Huge Mansion

The actress opened up on a new episode of her podcast, '9021OMG.'

Tori Spelling is looking back at her life in her late father's enormous mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. The actress has some fascinating insight into what it was like being a teenager in the sprawling estate.

"The biggest misconception is that I grew up in the house," Tori shared on a new episode of her podcast, 9021OMG. "We moved there when I was, like, 17. So I spent, like, two years there."

The subject of the famous mansion -- once referred to as Candyland -- came up because of the recent news that the mansion is currently up for sale for an astounding $165 million.

Tori's parents -- TV icon Aaron Spelling and wife Candy Spelling -- constructed the 56,000-square foot home in 1991. Candy later sold it in 2011 for $85 million, and it was then sold again in 2019 for nearly $120 million. 

"I never saw every room, and I lived there for two years," Spelling admitted to co-star Jennie Garth, adding, "There was a wing that all of my mom's staff lived in."

That being said, Tori admitted it still felt like home, in a way. "It didn't feel like a hotel. I mean, it was warm," she recalled. "Or as warm as a 56,000-square foot mansion can be."

Famously, the mansion includes a full-sized bowling alley, rooms for flower cutting and gift-wrapping, a barbershop, an arcade and much more.

Which is why it would have been a great place to throw massive parties on a routine basis. However, despite the potential, Tori said her mom "only threw, like, two or three parties."

"The first party, and one of her only parties, was for Prince Charles," she recalled. "When he came to town, he wanted to have it there!" The only other party she could clearly remember was the one her mom threw for Tori's wedding.

"I'd love to take my kids there and be like, 'Yeah, this is grandpa's house.' Because they would have loved to have met him,'" Spelling said, while contemplating her desire to possibly tour the mansion once again.

However, as a teenager, she didn't have an appreciation for the opulence her parents enjoyed.

"I was so disconnected... especially when I was younger. People would make fun of me for my dad having money. That was embarrassing to me. It was an embarrassment of riches, like, honestly though," she shared. "I didn't enjoy it because I was like, 'No one should have this. This is crazy.'"

According to Tori, her father -- who died in 2006 -- didn't really care about living in a lavish mansion either, and would have been just as happy working in a small office and relaxing with simple pleasures.

"He really built that because it was my mom's dream, and he wanted her to be happy," she recalled. "He was so in love with her."

Check out the video below to hear more on Tori and her family.