Tori Spelling Reveals She Got an Eye Ulcer After Leaving in Her Contacts

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' alum has been seen rocking a bedazzled eye patch.

Tori Spelling is finally sharing the story behind her pink eye patch. On Tuesday's episode of Spelling and Jennie Garth's 9021OMG podcast, the mother of five opened up about her eye injury.

Spelling takes it all in good stride as she tells her co-host to "look me in my good eye," before explaining what's going on. 

"It's so silly, it's my fault, I did this to myself," she quips. "So I have contacts, but I have the daily ones and at the end of the day, kids ... whatever...  I can make all the excuses I want, I don't take them out, I sleep in them and it's not healthy."

Spelling's co-host went on to guess how many days she keeps her contacts in. After guessing seven days, Spelling revealed the true length of time she keeps them in. 

"Seven weeks. I'm exaggerating," she jokes. "But I've been known to go maybe 20 days. I know you, guys, it's shaming. I tell my eye doctor, I'm completely transparent, so anyway."

The actress adds, "So I got an eye ulcer. I got an ulcer on my left eye."

Spelling noted that her doctor told her how lucky she was that she was able to walk away with a relatively simple injury.

And if there was any question about Spelling putting the contacts back in, she said that she's going to give them another shot. 

"I'm going to switch to 30-day ones when this heals," Spelling, 49, says. 

Garth promised she would be there for her friend, adding, "I'll set a reminder on your calendar." 

Spelling said that while she is on the mend, it has been hard to navigate life with one eye. 

"Seven to 10 days, it totally rejuvenates," she shares about her healing process. "I got lucky this time. I'm not going to take it for granted, it's huge. Forget work, but to mom with one eye. Not OK because moms have to literally hear and see everything happening at one time and I cannot."

Spelling noted that she does have one child, her 14-year-old daughter, Stella, helping her. 

"I have a designated seeing-eye child. Stella is my emotional support child," she jokes. 

Spelling has been taking the injury in stride, but mentioned that she did have a run-in with someone at an event who tried to make a joke about her diagnosis -- and failed. 

"So I had to go to an event that I was committed to for a friend the other night, and everyone said, 'Don't go, you can't do it.' And I said, 'I'm just gonna go.' So, I wore a pink patch and bedazzled it to match the outfit she wanted me to wear. So I walk in and some girl goes, 'Oh, what do you have, pink eye?' and I was like, 'Not funny, that's not funny ... no, there's no stink in my eye.'" 

"But I literally had pink eye," she jokes. "And I was like, 'I have an ulcer,' and then I was like, 'That sounds gross .. I have a scratched cornea.'" 

The night of the event, Spelling shared a picture of her and pal Laura Rugetti, and gave her a special shout-out for making her eye patch for the occasion.

"Bringing twinning back one fashion moment at a time… when your hair bestie @laurarugetti launches her clip in extension line ‘ California Blondes’ and collab x @hiddencrownhair you support even with an ulcer on your eyeball. Laura even bedazzled an eye patch for me. I’m proud of this #boss . Our amazing looks styled by the amazingly talented @lisacstyles and glam by my talented friends MUA @julzhopemua Hair @siennawatsonn and clip in by @laurarugetti California Blondes x @hiddencrownhair," she wrote.

Stella also got some recognition as Spelling wrote, "And, special shout out to my daughter @stella_mcdermott08 who came to help me around the event. I ❤️ U."